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10 Can’t-Miss Locations In The Metaverse

10 Can’t-Miss Locations In The Metaverse

Understanding the Decentraland map can definitely be a challenge, but not to worry, you are not alone. Together, we’ll dig deeper into the Decentraland map, including its districts, top coordinates to visit, and land prices. Learn also how to buy land and what you can do with it once you own it.

Players explore the growing districts of Decentraland
Image Credit: Decentraland

Is There a Map of Decentraland?

Absolutely, and you need to understand it. Decentraland breaks into a grid of 10,000 x 10,000 meters, with each square on the grid representing a piece of land called a “parcel.” Subsequently, players buy and sell these parcels, and use them to create and host virtual experiences, such as games, art installations, and events.

Decentraland Map 2022 – 2023

Decentraland map updated on December 19, 2022

As you can see, the map includes a variety of landscapes, from forests and mountains to cities and beaches. You can navigate the map by using your keyboard or game controller to move around, or you can use the map interface on the Decentraland website.

Decentraland District Map

The Decentraland map breaks into districts, with a shared theme. The district map looks like this:

Decentraland District Map showing the different areas of the world
Decentraland District Map
Image Credit: DCL Real Estate

In Decentraland, districts are virtual areas within the platform, sharing a common theme. Specifically, we can see three types of district:

  • Public districts: open to all users and intended for general use and exploration.
  • Private districts: owned by individual users or organizations and only accessible to those who have been granted permission by the owner.
  • Sponsored districts: created and maintained by sponsors, usually companies or organizations using Decentraland as a platform for marketing or brand promotion.

Each district has its own set of rules and regulations, set by the district’s owner or sponsor. Furthermore, the main difference between the three types of districts relies on the level of access and control given to the users and the district’s purpose.

What are the Most Famous Districts to Visit in Decentraland?

As of the latest update, there are currently over 39 active districts in the Decentraland map. However, the top three districts in terms of popularity and user engagement are:

  1. Aetheria: the cyberpunk district in Decentraland. Aetheria focuses on realizing cyberpunk ethos and aesthetics, as well as community and collaboration. The decentralized city aims to bring people together and create a sense of community through shared experiences and activities. Similarly, Aetheris became home to a variety of events, activities, and places to visit, including a marketplace, art gallery, park, and more.
  2. Vegas City: the sin district in Decentraland, obviously inspired by the city of Las Vegas. It offers a wide range of entertainment, including casinos, clubs, and live events. Users experience the thrill of Las Vegas without leaving the comfort of their own home.
  3. Dragon City: the ancient China-inspired district in Decentraland. The district combines elements of Chinese culture with modern technology and gaming. Full of attractions and activities, including a marketplace, art gallery, and cultural events.
Decentraland map includes casinos where players can gamble in the metaverse
Decentraland casinos are very popular in Vegas City District
Image Credit: CoinDesk

Top Map Coordinates to visit: The Best Metaverse Locations

Although there are many interesting and unique locations to visit in the Decentraland map, three stand out: Crypto Valley, Sugarclub, and Voltaire Road.

  1. Crypto Valley (72, 12): the hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts, featuring a variety of educational and interactive experiences related to these technologies. A great place to learn about and engage with the latest developments in the crypto world.
  2. Sugarclub (-1, -35): a colorful and vibrant virtual nightclub, complete with live DJ performances, dancing, and socializing. A popular destination for those looking to relax and have a good time in Decentraland.
  3. Voltaire Road (49, 91): a bustling virtual street filled with shops, restaurants, and other businesses. A great place to explore and discover new experiences, or to simply spend some time shopping and socializing.
Vegas City District party
Parties and other events are very common inside Decentraland
Image Credit: Metagreats

What’s the Difference in DCL Land Prices in Each District?

Decentraland land prices vary depending on the district and location. Generally, land in popular districts and locations tends to be more expensive. For example, land in the Art District or near the Metaverse Plaza may be more expensive than land in a less developed area.

There are a few factors affecting land prices around the Decentraland map. Firstly, demand: everybody wants parcels in popular areas and therefore more expensive. Secondly, location: parcels located near other popular attractions or amenities may also be more expensive.

It’s worth noting that Decentraland land prices are determined by the market, so prices may fluctuate over time. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in buying land in a particular district or location, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on land prices and market trends over time.

Finding Metaverse Land to Buy

If you’re interested in buying metaverse land in Decentraland, there are a few options to consider. You can browse and purchase land on the Decentraland marketplace, a platform for buying and selling virtual real estate. Furthermore, you can search for land by location, price, or other criteria, and you can complete the transaction using cryptocurrency (MANA).

Players can also work with a real estate agent to find and purchase land. Particularly, there are several agents and agencies specialized in the Decentraland map real estate and can help you find and buy land depending on your needs and budget.

Once you own land in Decentraland, you can use it to create and host virtual experiences, such as games, art installations, and events. Additionally, you can also use it to build and design your own virtual space, whether it’s a personal residence, a business, or anything else.

Players can customize and build on their land plots in Decentraland
Players build and customize their land plots
Image Credit: The VR Soldier

In conclusion, the Decentraland map requires time to explore hundreds of interesting locations and districts. Whether you’re interested in art, education, gaming, or something else, there’s a place for you in Decentraland. And if you’re looking to buy land in the Metaverse, there are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from individual parcels to entire districts. By understanding the different factors affecting land prices and using resources like the marketplace and real estate agents, you can find and purchase land that meets your needs and budget.

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