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10 Trending Korean Streetwear Brands Worth Checking Out

10 Trending Korean Streetwear Brands Worth Checking Out

Streetwear has been a consistently growing trend amongst teenagers and even adults. Starting from the classic Supreme to BAPE to Kith and more, streetwear brands have been flourishing due to increasing demand that many new brands in this fashion category have also been gaining attention. One noticeable country that adopted this trend and embraced it fully is South Korea – streetwear is HUGE in South Korea. Streetwear and luxury brands are highly interconnected in South Korean streetwear culture. Let’s explore some noticeable brands in South Korean streetwear culture.


The oversized fit has been trending here and there in streetwear culture: t-shirts that go beyond the waist, sweaters that are wider than your actual body width, pants that fit larger than your legs. This particular style has some influences from the 90’s, and that is the vibe you’ll get from Ader-error.


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#Announcement_Launch We’re pleased to announce the official release of #ADER20FW. Featuring the emotions of youth through keyword #Bluessom. #ADER20FW collection is talking about contradicting emotions of love, excitement, courage, longing, and despair as the most anxious state that is difficult to explain through a cold but warm #Bluessom flower. #ADER20FW presents the feeling of youth with the anxiety and dynamic growth pains of life and this is reflected in the advanced ADER’s signature style through #cinder line and low-cutting techniques. Now the #Bluessom collection is available at from 11AM CET 아더의 새로운 2020 가을/겨울 컬렉션을 소개합니다. 이번 컬렉션은 #Bluessom 이라는 키워드를 통해 청춘의 감정을 대변합니다. 순수함, 사랑, 설렘, 패기, 도전과 갈망 등 모순되는 감정을 정의하기 어려운 가장 불안한 상태로 정의하여 차갑지만 따뜻한 #Bluessom 이라는 꽃으로 선보입니다. 완전함을 갈망하지만 불안하고 역동적인 인생의 성장통을 담아낸 이번 컬렉션에서는 특유의 찢어진 시그니처 #Cinder 라인과 로우커팅 기법이 만나, 한층 더 심화된 아더의 시그니처 스타일을 만나보실 수 있습니다. 지금 바로 아더 공식스토어를 통해 확인해보시기 바랍니다. #ADER20FW #Bluessom #ADEREmotion #EmotionalBlue #ADERMetal #ADERPack

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Having collaborated with famous big-name brands such as Puma and Maison Kitsune, Ader-error is definitely a noticeable Korean streetwear brand.


Korean fashion is strongly tied with the Korean music industry. One of the most prominent fashion and music icons in Korea (and even in the entire world) is G-Dragon.


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His brand is known to be in very high demand amongst Korean streetwear enthusiasts. He even collaborated with Nike with the Nike Air Force 1.


If you’re looking for something flashy and modern, this brand is right for you. When you look at the collections of this brand, you’ll notice that the style of this brand combines the familiar with the unfamiliar.


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For instance, by adding an unexpected colorway to a familiar item such as a sports jersey or other athletic wear, D-Antidote does a great job of harmonizing contrasting elements.


If you want to be really avant-garde, Pushbutton is the brand for you. This brand is very well known for its play on deconstructed fashion – it is one of few brands that makes deconstruction look right.


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When you read a description of a piece of clothing from this collection, you may think that it would look weird. However, when you actually see it, you will definitely change your mind.


In Korea, the “couple look” is very popular. This basically means matching with your significant other, whether it be jackets, t-shirts, pants, or even the entire outfit.


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If you’re looking for a streetwear brand for you and your significant other, check this place out.

Gentle Monster

Accessories such as watches and glasses are final touches that streetwear enthusiasts in Korea consider to be very important. Some Korean celebrities even have hundreds of glasses frames to go with their streetwear outfits.


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Gentle Monster has been on the rise. These frames are definitely different. It even did a collaboration with Jennie from Blackpink, which sold out almost immediately.


Another rising Korean streetwear brand is Nohant. This brand combines streetwear with the preppy style and includes an element of luxury.


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This brand favors more of a comfortable look that anyone can wear indoors or outdoors.


A long-time player in the streetwear brand culture is Kuho. Established in 1997 as a small boutique, this brand is a must know if you are a streetwear enthusiast in South Korea.

Offering basic lifestyle pieces, KUHO favors minimalism and comfort.


Kye is a Korean streetwear brand that has attracted the attention of many famous celebrities and brands worldwide, such as G-Dragon and Adidas.


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By playing with different pastel colors in their collections, Kye is definitely an aesthetically-pleasing streetwear brand in Korea.

Hyein Seo

If you are an avid follower of Rihanna, you would know Hyein Seo.


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Having been in the radar of fashion magazines for years, Hyein Seo has been rising in its popularity amongst celebrities and even the general public. This brand is a must have if you are a female streetwear enthusiast.

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