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12 Best Men’s Stretch Pants For Everyday Comfort In 2023

12 Best Men’s Stretch Pants For Everyday Comfort In 2023

As the world slowly starts returning to the office, there’s one thing vexing all former work-from-home employees: the office dress code

If you’re someone having trouble adjusting to real clothes after spending most of the pandemic at home in your sweatpants, you’re not alone. The men’s fashion world is listening and responding to the demand for men’s stretch pants that are just as comfortable as your favorite sweats, but won’t get you in trouble with your boss. 

Long gone are the days where soft, elastic fabrics are reserved for poorly made or casual looks and instead, they can now be found in trendy, modern silhouettes at all of your favorite stores from Old Navy to LuluLemon.  Whether you’re in or out of the office, every man can use a versatile pair of chic men’s trousers that are comfortable enough to get you through your day. 

Keep reading to discover our curated selection of the best stretch pants for men (from slacks to joggers) that’ll help you look (and feel) your very best.  

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Tropicfeel ProTravel Jogger Pants

The era of melting in your pants is officially over, and it’s all about looking cool and feeling fresh at the same time. Not only do these Tropicfeel joggers have the stretch you need mixed with their breathable, lightweight, and durable material for the ultimate balance of comfort and style. Marketed for the world traveler, these joggers are ideal for the airport, plane, boat – maybe even a submarine. Also, feel free to grab a beer before your flight knowing that these joggers are resistant to both water and stains.

Bloated from the beer? No problem; these joggers also come with an adjustable waist so you can stay comfortable no matter what. Sophisticated enough for a casual date on the town, rugged enough for a day full of nature and hiking, and comfortable enough for a 24-hour flight to Australia, these joggers are a must in every wardrobe.

Material: 19% lyocell, 79% cotton, 2% spandex. | Fit: Slim | Colors: Black, Green, Khaki | Sizes available: S-XL | Care: Machine wash on Cold, Dry at low heat

L’Estrange The 24 Trouser

Nothing says comfort meet class quite like this L’Estrange London trouser. The 24 Trouser combines fine Italian tailoring with sweatpant comfort to create the perfect pair of pants for the man who likes to look AND feel good. With the secret adjustable waistband, these pants truly can go from office to night out on the town to even the gym (if you’re into that!). Made with lightweight wool and silk linking, the tapered leg and cuff helps elevate those who are getting tired of the everyday jogger.

A staple for the “smart casual” wardrobe, don’t miss out on these soft as butter pants. All men need something that will help them keep their style without sacrificing their comfort.

Material: 97% Organic Cotton, 3% Elastane | Fit: Tapered | Colors: 9 | Sizes available: SM-XXL | Care: Turn inside out, wash with like colors

If you’re looking for a sharp, simple, and comfortable pair of men’s stretch pants for everyday wear, look no further than Rhone’s aptly named Commuter Pant. Made with Rhone’s signature Flex-Knit Fabric, the Commuter Pant is designed to be breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and have a 4-way stretch that will keep you comfortable all day. 

The Commuter Pants’ slim cut is chic and streamlined, making it perfect for a man with a packed schedule. Wear them with a button down and blazer as a part of your new favorite office outfit and then transition to a casual t-shirt or sweater for happy hour. With roomy front pockets and a well-protected media pocket to store all your essentials, these pants will be sure to get you where you need to go. 

Material: 100% Flex-Knit Fabric | Fit: Slim | Colors: Black, Navy, Brown, Gray, Khaki, Yellow, Blue Green | Sizes available: S-XXL | Care: Machine wash 

Amazon Essentials Golf Stretch Pants

At just under $40, these Amazon Essentials Slim-Fit Golf Pants are a steal. Made of a moisture-wicking, polyester blend, these stretchy pants for men are built for comfort and durability just as much as they are built for effortless style. 

Their slim-fit cut strikes a perfect balance between a too-casual, loose fit and a tight, uncomfortable one, and their wrinkle-free material ensures that you’ll look good on the go. With standard front and back pockets and elastic in the waistband that helps keep your pants up and shirt in place. 

We’ve also noticed that these men’s stretch pants run on the smaller side, so we recommend opting up if you’re in between sizes. 

Material: 100% polyester | Fit: Tapered | Colors: Black, Navy, Gray, Khaki, Olive, White | Sizes available: 28Wx28L– 42Wx38L | Care: Machine wash 

Lululemon Commission Pants

Despite their reputation as a top-tier athletic apparel company (or as the place where your girlfriend buys her leggings), there’s much more to Lululemon than quality yoga outfits. These men’s stretch pants have a modern, tapered fit that provides a streamlined look and accentuates your best features without compromising comfort for style. 

The Commission Slim-Fit Pants are made of Lululemon’s signature Warpstreme performance fabric, which is breathable, elastic, wrinkle-resistant, and quick-drying — which means you can count on them to get you where you’re going with maximum comfort.

Pair all of that with roomy front pockets and a hidden zippered media pocket, and you have a quality pair of slacks. The Commission Slim-Fit Pants run a bit high for this list at just under $130 but are worth the splurge for a chic addition to your everyday wardrobe. 

Material: 100% recycled polyester | Fit: Slim | Colors: Black, Gray, Khaki, Sage, Blue, Brown | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Care: Machine wash 

Madewell Chino

If there’s one thing that every modern man should have in his wardrobe, it’s a versatile pair of chinos. Chinos are lightweight, cotton-blended pants woven with a twill weave, and can always transition from day to night seamlessly (pun intended). 

Madewell’s Slim coolmax Chino Pants do not stray from this understanding making them an adaptable pair of slacks to add to your wardrobe. Made of a cotton blend sourced from the Kurabo mill in Japan, Madewell’s coolmax fabric has all the elements of a performance fabric while maintaining a classic, polished look. 

Their tapered cut is roomier in the seat and thigh for maximum comfort but will still show off your leg day gains. Pair it with a cool pair of sneakers and a breezy button-down to get the spring season started off right. 

Material: 91% cotton 6% polyester 3% polyurethane | Fit: Slim | Colors: Black, Gray, Sage, Yellow | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Care: Machine wash 

Old Navy Tech Pull-On Cargo pants

With Old Navy’s Ultimate Tech Pull-On Cargo Pants, you’ll never have to decide between fashion and function again. Equipped with two front pockets as well as two side-leg, snap-flap cargo pockets, these men’s stretch pants are essentially a wearable storage unit, so you can keep your busy day rolling with ease. 

Thes Ultimate Tech Pull-On Cargo Pants are engineered with moisture-wicking technology, sport drawstring cuffs, and an elastic waistband to keep you cool and comfortable all day long. 

We’ve noticed that these men’s stretch pants have a particularly relaxed fit, so be sure of your size before adding them to your shopping cart.  

Material: 79% cotton, 17% nylon, 4% spandex | Fit: Loose | Colors: Black, Khaki, Sage, Salmon | Sizes available: XS-XXXXL | Care: Machine wash 

Uniqlo Men Slim-Fit Chino Pants

Everybody needs a dress-down day, and nobody does cool and casual pants like Uniqlo. Their Men’s Slim-Fit Chino Pants are the perfect solution for when you know sweatpants won’t cut it, but you wish they could. 

Made of a cotton and spandex blend and tailored with extra room in the seat and thighs, these men’s stretch pants have a high-quality look and feel while ensuring maximum comfort and mobility all day. 

Although these chinos are labeled as slim-fit, we’ve noticed that they run a little more relaxed, especially in how loose the ankle is, so we recommend checking out the size chart before making any final decisions. Throw these on with your favorite color-blocked hoodie and take on the day. 

Material: 97% cotton 3% spandex | Fit: Relaxed | Colors: Black, Khaki | Sizes available: 27- 48 | Care: Machine wash 

Bonobos weekday warrior dress pants

The name of these pants says it all; Bonobos’ Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants are here to simplify the way you dress for work. Made with a stretchy and breathable blend of cotton and elastase, these pants are designed to do the most while looking effortless. 

The Weekday Warrior Dress Pants are low maintenance – they’re machine washable which is great for everyday wear, and they are wrinkle-resistant ensuring that you don’t waste your precious free time ironing. Pair it with your favorite button-down, grab your third cup of coffee, and get ready to hunker down at your desk.  

Material: 97% cotton 3% elastane | Fit: Slim | Colors: Black, Khaki, Navy, Gray, Sage | Sizes available: 28- 54 | Care: Machine wash 

Outdoor_Research Ferrosi Pants

Who said fashion doesn’t have a place in the great outdoors? The Backcountry Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pant will keep you looking cool and feeling comfortable for a day of hitting the trails. Their durable, softshell fabric is wind and water-resistant so that no change in weather is powerful enough to slow you down. 

Add on top of that ample pocket space, a protected zip-up thigh pocket, and adjustable drawcord ankle cuffs, and you have a pair of men’s stretch pants that strike the balance between durable and debonair.

We’ve noticed that these men’s stretch pants have a loose, relaxed fit, so if you’re looking for a more trendy, tapered fit you may want to try elsewhere on this list. 

Material: 86% nylon 14% spandex | Fit: Relaxed | Colors: Black, Khaki, Gray, Sage | Sizes available: 30×34- 38×32 | Care: Machine wash 

LLBean Wrinkle Free Dress Chinos

If you’re looking for clothing where style and reliability go hand in hand, rarely do you have to look further than L.L. Bean. Since their founding in 1912, they’ve worked to bring fashion and durability together, which, you guessed it, continues to this day. 

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Made of 100% premium, midweight cotton and fashioned with a sturdy, no-roll waistband and elastic panels, these chinos are designed to keep you comfortable no matter where your day takes you. This means that these men’s stretch pants can take you from swiping left on the couch to meet up with that special someone who says she ‘loves adventures.’

Their natural fit cut and stylish colors make them a perfect addition to your wardrobe for work or a night out. However, we’ve seen that the hidden comfort panels on these men’s stretch pants sometimes show the pocket lining, so trying these on in-store may be your best bet to ensure a great fit.   

Material: 100% cotton twill | Fit: Regular | Colors: Khaki, Navy, Gray | Sizes available: 34×28- 46×34 | Care: Machine wash 

Banana Republic Fulton Skinny-Fit Chinos

Despite what Tiktokers like to say, the skinny pant will never be completely out of fashion, and the Banana Republic Fulton Skinny-Fit Chinos are the perfect way to keep the trend alive in your wardrobe. Banana Republic’s Fulton Chinos have the same feel as quintessential slacks, but with a more streamlined comfortable fit. 

Made of a cotton blend, these men’s stretch pants are lightweight and breathable for a day on the go or sitting in a hot office. And just because they’re skinny fit doesn’t mean you sacrifice comfort or mobility, as spandex in the fabric blend allows for added stretch and elasticity to keep you moving and look good while doing it.  

Material: 97% cotton 3% spandex | Fit: Regular | Colors: Khaki, Navy, Gray | Sizes available: 28×28- 42×34 | Care: Machine wash 

What to look for in men’s stretch pants

Navigating the waters of finding the right pair of men’s stretch pants for you can be a tricky one. How do you know when you’ve struck the right balance between comfortable and competent? Luckily, we have a few things for you to keep on your radar while you shop. 


The first factor to look out for is the fit of the pants– ensuring that your men’s stretch pants fit you properly is one of the simplest ways to step up your outfit. 

When you look for fit, you should be looking at your waist and hip measurements. The rule of thumb is that pants should sit on your natural waist with about one finger of room in the waistband while leaving a little more room in the hips as the primary area of motion. 

The length of pants is a personal preference and depends on if you prefer to cuff your slacks or not. From there, consider if you’re looking for a slim fit, a relaxed fit, or skinny fit. 


The fabric is the next element to look out for in your search for the perfect pair of men’s stretch pants. The best men’s stretch pants need to do it all– comfort, durability, professionalism – and need to be made of fabric that can keep up. 

A polyester, nylon, or spandex combination is lightweight, breathable, and elastic enough for a comfortable fit, while still looking clean-cut and professional. 


The last thing to keep your eye out for while looking for the perfect pair of men’s stretch pants is the color. The perfect pair of men’s stretch pants should be versatile in terms of comfort and professionalism, and that includes how well they blend with your existing wardrobe.

If these pants will primarily be going to the office, stick to the basics like navy, black, or olive green. If you’re looking for a pop of color for a night out, maybe look more fashion-forward towards the royal purples, reds, and yellows. 


    • Ideally, a properly fitting pair of pants will sit on your natural waistline with about a finger of room in the waistband. If you just can’t seem to find the perfect fit in your pants, then opt for a basic belt in a neutral color to give you some extra support. 

      • It’s likely that you’ve already encountered the answer to this question, probably in your early teenage years when your mom started making you do your own laundry. If you need to shrink your stretch pants to achieve your desired fit, try throwing them on high heat in the dryer. You can also use an overnight hot water soak or hot water in your washing machine.

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