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13 Best Outdoor Sofas 2023 To Gussy Up Your Deck or Yard Area

13 Best Outdoor Sofas 2023 To Gussy Up Your Deck or Yard Area

Provided that you’ve got the right setup to kick your feet up, the best outdoor sofas are a solid investment for making the most of your square footage outside. You don’t necessarily need an outdoor sofa the same way you might need an indoor sofa. Still, the right one can upgrade your yard (or deck) from a neglected crabgrass den to a chill, functional living space for spending quality time with the homies, working on your tan, or passing out for a midday snooze

The search for the ideal outdoor sofa usually centers on a pretty simple checklist of three things: style, weather-resistance, and comfort. That combination can still be surprisingly hard to find in just one singular option, but that’s why you have us to do the searching for you. Having scoured the best outdoor furniture brands for their most primo, well-reviewed options, we’ve racked up a list of the best outdoor sofas to buy while the weather is still gloriously warm—ones that’ll feel like an extension of your indoor living space and encourage you to spend a little more time offline and in nature. Then, maybe, you can go on a hunt for the best outdoor rugs.

The Best Outdoor Sofas, at a Glance

It’s suddenly hot outside and you need an outdoor sofa for all your backyard hangs. Here are our top picks for the best outdoor sofas and couches.

The Best Overall Outdoor Sofa: Outer Wicker

Outer Wicker outdoor sofa

Outer is a newish name in the outdoor furniture game, offering everything from rugs to dining sets that you can use to pad out your barebones outside space. Its original Wicker line of sofas and chairs is an absolute winner when it comes to outdoor seating. Wicker being a naturally weather-resistant material, it can hold up against even the most weather; Outer’s options are handwoven around a sturdy aluminum frame, all set atop rust-resistant, stainless steel legs. The machine-washable cushions are equally tough, boasting other nice-to-have qualities like stain-resistant and fade-proof fabric. As water-resistant as all the materials are, Outer topped everything off with an integrated furniture cover, dubbed the OuterShell, that rolls out from the back of the sofa to cover the cushions when not in use. 

Made of memory foam, the cushions are also a dream to park yourself on for hours—as they should be—and barely need a fluff up to stay that cushy for years to come. And we’re sure it’ll last for years because Outer backed its outdoor furniture by a 10-year warranty. If wicker isn’t your style, Outer has since expanded to teak (if you’re going for a coastal vibe) and aluminum (for a more industrial look and feel).

The Best Affordable Outdoor Sofa: Christopher Knight Alina Loveseat

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Christopher Knight Alina outdoor loveseat set

If you’ve got champagne tastes, a smaller space, and a shoestring budget, spring for a handsome loveseat like this Christopher Knight one that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. The two-seater uses an attractive acacia wood as a base, finished off with weather-resistant “goes with everything beige” cushions. It looks clean and minimal, and its design isn’t terribly difficult to put together, either. To top it all off, the loveseat even comes with a complimentary outdoor coffee table that’s begging for you to pop your feet up and thrown down a cold one. No coaster necessary, either, since the wood is perfectly waterproof. 

The Best Teak Outdoor Sofa: Neighbor Sofa

Teak outdoor furniture has the innate ability to make your backyard feel more like an oasis. There’s a reason why beach resorts and tropical retreats gravitate toward teak furniture to bring an extra layer of relaxation to an already chill environment, so just think about what teak can do for your desolate backyard. Neighbor, founded by a trio of Tuft & Needle alumni, brings the same DTC approach to backyard furniture that the mattress brand brought to its bedding. Its patio furniture collection features high-quality products at slightly more approachable price points, as well as universally attractive designs. 

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