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17 Best Corduroy Shirts for Men 2023: Plush Cord Tops From Drake’s, Outerknown, & Ralph Lauren

17 Best Corduroy Shirts for Men 2023: Plush Cord Tops From Drake’s, Outerknown, & Ralph Lauren

The best corduroy shirts for men are, as hyperbolic headlines are fond of saying, Having a Moment™. The reasons for that moment are pretty straightforward: corduroy is rich and hardy, warm and reliable, a blue-collar fabric that feels sorta fancy. Deployed in the form of a shirt or a jacket—or, better yet, a shirt jacket—it’s as useful a mid-layer as they come, delivering a subtle hit of texture and elevating everything around it like an André 3000 guest verse.

That’s why you can find it pretty much everywhere these days: on rugged outerwear, swanky tailoring, and, of course, a vast array of winter-friendly pants in every type of silhouette. Corduroy might not boast the omnipresence of denim or the ballroom-ready vibes of velvet, but that’s exactly why we dig it. Take any button-up in your closet, do it up in a fine or wide wale cord, and voila: you’re left with a shirt no one else in your group chat owns—but everyone will be asking about. 

When it comes to pulling one off, we’re not campaigning on behalf of some radical, heretofore unknown swerve. Corduroy shirts are just shirts, after all, and anything you’d normally wear with the button-ups in your rotation—blue jeans and black boots, slouchy dress trousers and chunky derbies, sweats and slip-ons—is fair game. Whether you’re eager to ditch the workweek OCBDs or just desperate to differentiate yourself from the flannel-clad masses on the weekend, the best corduroy shirts for men (17 of which we very conveniently gathered here) will help your fits strike the right, ahem, chord all season long. 

The Best Corduroy Shirts Shopping Guide 

The Best Western-Inspired Corduroy Shirt

J.Crew western fine wale corduroy camp shirt

For the last few months, J.Crew’s been hard at work plumbing its legendary archives, so it follows that the prep purveyor’s western-inspired corduroy shirt undercuts its roots with a sizable dose of Nantucket energy. Unlike its denim counterparts, this shirt comes done up in a tropical turquoise hue that reads anywhere but ranch. If you’re a little apprehensive about the idea of double-denim rendering you some kind of rodeo poser, pick up this shirt and rock it with the type of American classics favorites by stylish fellas on both coasts, and pretty much everywhere between: jeans and loafers, chinos and slip-ons, or tweedy trousers and derbies.

The Best Beach-Ready Corduroy Shirt

Outerknown seventyseven cord shirt

1970s beach bums loved them a high-rise pair of corduroy shorts, so you know that the fabric is no stranger to an oceanside escape. Kelly Slater-helmed Outerknown cuts its shirt from a lightweight, sand-hued cord that will stack up nicely with a pair of ultra-loud board shorts, but can easily pull double duty on days when you’re more likely to ride a subway than a gnarly wave.

The Best Corduroy Shirt You Can Wear With a Suit

Drake’s London cotton needlecord button down shirt

Bringing corduroy into the suiting realm doesn’t have to mean getting your style direct from Wes Anderson. But much like a corduroy suit is inherently less stuffy than in one wool, a corduroy shirt can help you dress down even top-tier tailoring. The fine wale on this tasteful design from Drake’s has a subtle, elegant texture—and the chocolate brown hue will breathe new life into the otherwise simple gray suit already hanging in your closet, with the added benefit of slotting in nicely with your favorite washed-out jeans.

The Best Corduroy Shirt That’s More Like a Chore Coat

Todd Snyder Italian corduroy jacket

The chore coat is a wardrobe mainstay favored for good reason: its got pockets galore to stash your daily necessities, and it remains the best layering friend a guy could ask for. Most come in denim or some flip on canvas, but this tasty corduroy number from Todd Snyder packs just as much function with a whiff more pizazz. Wear it over a turtleneck for some light-yet-sophisticated aprés ski vibes, or under your biggest, baddest topcoat to add a little intrigue and texture to your top half.

The Best Retro-Doused Corduroy Shirt

Ralph Lauren classic fit corduroy camp shirt

Everything about this Ralph Lauren shirt skews classic: the fit, for starters, which is trim but not billow-y, and is made even better by a medium-wale corduroy. But really, the detail that makes this shirt feel like a precious vintage find is the camp collar, which gives it a thoroughly laid-back feel. In other words, this is the button-up you should wear over a white tee for a little hit of textural contrast or, for the big flexers out there, over absolutely nothing when the weather warms up.

The Best Corduroy Shirt for Courtside Viewing

Marni x Carhartt color blocked cotton-canvas and corduroy shirt

If corduroy—beefy, burly, and decidedly unprecious—isn’t the first material that comes to mind when you think of high-octane luxury fashion, Francesco Risso would like a word. Earlier this year, the Marni kahuna linked with Carhartt, the first name in All-American workwear, to design a collection jam-packed with the stuff. The standout is the duo’s shirt jacket, a mash-up of Carhartt’s indestructible duck canvas and key hits of corduroy in rich brown and screaming red tones. Corduroy’s hard-wearing pedigree means the whole shebang wouldn’t look entirely out place at a very fashion-forward jobsite, but it’ll look even better keeping you warm while you wave to fans on the Jumbotron.

Plus 10 More Corduroy Shirts We Love

S.K. Manor Hill “Savant” shirt

Big, burly, brown: better not to wear this handsome-as-hell button-up around any bears the next time you’re layering up for an outdoors excursion.

Alex Mill rugged corduroy shirt

A beefed-up, wide-wale shirt that packs a serious punch.

Needles studded bleached cotton blend corduroy jacket

Needles’ corduroy jacket ditches the fabric’s fusty pedigree in favor of a punky dye job and studs on the collar.

Ralph Lauren Purple label fine wale corduroy shirt

Fine wales and a snazzy spread collar make this sucker a prime contender to replace all those tired button-ups in your work rotation.

See Also

Fujito trucker jacket in corduroy

As easy to wear as any trucker jacket already in your closet, just, you know, slightly cooler—and a lot warmer.


No Man Walks Alone

Everlane relaxed-fit corduroy shirt

Everlane’s laid-back riff doesn’t just come in a shade of pairs-with-everything pewter gray—an oversized fit also means you’ll want to slip into it every damn day of the week.

Sid Mashburn spread collar sport shirt

Most people think of corduroy and imagine earthy shades of brown. Atlanta-based Sid Mashburn injects the warm-weather fabric with a little bit of Southern charm by dousing it in cheery sunflower yellow.

Corridor corduroy military jacket

Naturally, the normal clothes masters at Corridor make a pretty killer corduory shirt jacket. Bonus points for the hand pockets you can stash your keys in—or use to shore up your fit pic pose.

L.L.Bean heritage 1912 lined shirt jacket

Corduroy is plenty comfortable on its own, but add a plush fleece lining to the mix and it becomes cozier than the rustic cabin you should absolutely wear this shirt to.

A Kind of Guise cotton corduroy shirt

Sleek enough to layer underneath a slouchy black blazer, beefy enough to wear solo over a threadbare vintage tee.

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