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7-Eleven Dispenses a New Flavor of NFTs

7-Eleven Dispenses a New Flavor of NFTs

Global convenience store franchise, 7-Eleven, has sipped into virtual goodness, serving up free Slurpee NFTs on the Polygon network as a treat for ‘Slurpee Day’ on July 11.

This sugary saga unfolded through digital collectibles that opened up virtual 7-Eleven cups and tasteful adventures, relishing the shop’s most-cherished Slurpee flavors: tropical Pina Colada, electric Blue Raspberry and Summertime Citrus. NFT owners can mix and match the flavors — living up to Slurpee lovers’ dreams and dentists’ worst nightmares.

Savoring Digital Slurpee NFTs 

For Slurpee lovers to claim these digital delights, they must cherry-pick their desired flavors before filling their cups with digitalized icy goodness. Then, the decision about whether or not to claim their ‘Slurpee Vibe Digital Collectible’ or start over again arises. It’s an invent-your-own adventure, and the amount of creativity is limitless. 

However, once satisfied with the virtual beverages, customers can seal the deal by hitting the ‘claim now’ button and adding their details: names, email addresses, and phone numbers. A six-digit code will then be sent to the virtual Slurpee maker, unlocking the self-made digital asset that looks attractive enough to guzzle down. 

As the digital collectible is miraculously created, curators will receive a new wallet on the Polygon blockchain, presenting the Slurpee token. The secrets behind the NFTs are revealed in the app’s terms of service, touching base on every nook and cranny. 

So, prepare your digital taste buds and welcome 7-Eleven NFTs to unleash a bit of creative flair and experience the famous Slurpee drinks like never before — cost-free!

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