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9 Of The Best Loofahs For Men To Add To Your Grooming Routine (2022 Edition)

9 Of The Best Loofahs For Men To Add To Your Grooming Routine (2022 Edition)

Now’s the time to examine the current state of your shower game. By now, you’ve hopefully ditched those 3-in-1 shampoos (because you’ve read our favorite shampoos for men, right?), but are you using the best loofahs for men? Even more than other grooming products, the kind of scrubber you use in the shower determines how well you’re cleansing and exfoliating your body, especially in those hard-to-reach places. 

Like any great tool, the best loofahs for men should accomplish more than one goal. They slough off dead skin cells and cut through even the strongest stress sweat after a day at the office or out in the sun. But gentle fibers also polish and buff the skin, rounding off the tough spots like heels and elbows. 

The loofahs of showers past are made of cheap plastic and must be thrown away every month. Lavished in lather, they’re certain to get you clean, but synthetic materials often leave the skin feeling itchy and irritated. 

Other of the best loofahs for men are made of innovative or sustainably sourced materials and are biodegradable. They’re patented specifically for sensitive skin and crafted with hand-polished teak wood handles or foraged sponges from the sea. Suddenly, that wash, buff, and polish process is not only easy but a little bit sexy, too. 


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If a towel dries your back easily, then this towel-like scrubber is perfect for washing the same tough spot. With a comfortable handle on each end, the Aquis scrubber gets the job done, all while keeping toxic dyes and microplastics out of the environment. 

Thanks to its double-sided design, you can alternate between the Aquitex side made of microfiber for a good daily lather and the exfoliating side for buffing and polishing away dead skin cells. That same microfiber material is actually moisture-wicking, so it dries super quickly in the shower, preventing the build-up of mold.

But perhaps the best feature of this cool device is its durability. Forget about trashing a cheap plastic loofah every month. This bad boy is machine-washable and lasts for years. 

Material: Microfiber and polyester | Shades: Dark gray, jungle, linen | Size: Large

Aquis Double-sided Exfoliating and Cleansing Back Scrubber 

What we like

  • Easy to machine-wash
  • Double-sided for cleansing and exfoliating
  • Dries fast

Some of the best loofahs for men are double-sided. The Almooni loofah pad is the perfect combination of soft, sudsy terrycloth and a lightly abrasive loofah on the other side. This texture will buff off dead skin like a charm, priming the skin for moisturizer once you get out of the shower. If you’re suffering from dry skin, this loofah is your answer. 

This pad has a simple strap to attach to your hand, but Almooni also makes a glove that’s easy to slip on, so long as it’s large enough for your hand. It also happens to come in a small pouch, making it great for a gift or travel. 

Material: Terrycloth and loofah | Shades: Natural/white | Size: Small 

Almooni Premium Exfoliating Loofah Pad

What we like

  • Double-sided
  • Soft terry cloth for sudsing
  • Natural, eco-friendly loofah for light abrasion

Consider Lather your eco pick. Straight from the ocean to your shower, the Lather sea wool sponge provides the most natural way to cleanse your skin on this list. 

Because each sponge is sustainably sourced off the coast of Florida, it’s fully biodegradable, so you can chuck them in the compost instead of the trash. But they aren’t exactly long-lasting—only use sponges for a month at most. 

Don’t be fooled by how hard it is when dry. Once this sponge gets wet, it becomes soft and absorbent for a nice, creamy lather. However, this also means it’s not ideal for exfoliation. But if you’ve got sensitive skin, the hypoallergenic wool sea sponge is an excellent choice. 

Material: Sea wool sponge | Shades: Natural | Size: Medium

Lather Natural Sea Wool Sponge

What we like

  • 100% natural and sustainably sourced
  • Highly absorbent for a good lather
  • Biodegradable 

Since 2013, Faay has handcrafted sustainable products in the tradition and wisdom of Thailand. In the Northeast region, local artisans plant, cut, and replant the materials for bath and utensil products, all sans chemicals. The only polish they use is coconut oil. You can tell, too. The sleek teak wood handle gleams. 

The best loofahs for men, on the other hand, are also natural but need to be replaced every month or so (you’ll know because the abrasion will become too soft). But unlike traditional plastic loofahs you toss in the trash, these are 100% biodegradable. Compost, anyone? Tie on a new loofah pad, and you can use this scrubber forever.

Material: Loofah and teak wood | Shades: Natural | Size: Large

Faay Natural Exfoliating Loofah 

What we like

  • Sustainably sourced
  • Crafted by local artisans 
  • Refillable biodegradable pads

Natural fibers can be great, but nothing beats the durability of the Hommiesafe shower brush. Made entirely of food-grade silicone, this brush comes with convenient finger bands and a comfortable hand strap, so it fits nicely in your palm while scrubbing.

Silicone bristles provide just the right amount of abrasion but with none of the roughness. This brush is so delicate it can even be used to suds up short hair. It also works overtime as a dry brush. 

Wet or dry, scrubbing in circular motions improves cellulite and blood circulation. And unlike most of the best loofahs for men, this scrubber is easy to sterilize. Pop it in the dishwasher and watch it last for years to come. 

Material: Silicone | Shades: 26 color options | Size: Medium 

Hommiesafe 2 Pack Silicone Shower Brush

What we like

  • Easy to clean
  • Healthy for circulation
  • BPA-free 

Organically grown in Egypt, these attractive cylindrical loofahs provide serious exfoliation. They’ll arrive at your house flatly compressed, but after soaking them in water for 10 minutes, they’ll puff up to a generous size. 

The fibrous nature of the loofah sponge helps it to dry quickly from a convenient green hang loop. This is great news for bathrooms that tend to stay damp, making these sponges pretty hygienic. 

As for their feel, Fancy Pine sponges are highly abrasive and leave skin feeling seriously smooth and soft. Hard scrubbing should be done sporadically, though. For a softer lather, submerge the sponge under water, and it will soften. The only downside of choosing this natural loofah is the necessary replacement every four weeks. 

Material: Organic loofah | Shades: Natural | Size: Medium 

Fancy Pine Loofah Sponge

What we like

  • Organically grown
  • Great for polishing skin
  • Quick-drying

There’s really only one way to reach your back in the shower—the best loofahs for men with a handle. The Toem loofah covers all bases by providing a handled loofah scrubber with a rubbery grip, a regular poof loofah, and a stainless steel handle to hang it all. Talk about making it easy.

Both loofahs are infused with charcoal that has cleansing and detoxifying properties, making it perfect for cleansing. The spongy mesh material is coated with a clear layer for longer-lasting service to you and your sacred shower routine. 

Like most loofah poufs, these provide a serious lather and dry quickly. Unfortunately, the loofah on the stick cannot be replaced, so it’s not necessarily the best eco-friendly choice. 

Material: Charcoal-infused nylon | Shades: Dark gray | Size: Medium 

Toem Loofah Back Scrubber

No matter how great a loofah is, it’s not easy reaching the middle of your back without a handy stick. The Honoma dual-sided brush sits atop a long, ergonomically designed handle made of a hard, durable plastic that’s nearly impossible to break. 

What sets these best loofahs for men apart from the rest is the long bristled side that provides a nice soft exfoliation perfect for scrubbing deep into the pores after cleansing the skin with the loofah. The same brush can be used outside of the shower for dry brushing to improve circulation under the skin. 

Material: Polyester and microfiber | Shades: Dark gray, jungle, linen | Size: Large

Honoma Shower Body Brush 

What we like

  • Dual-sided for cleansing and exfoliation
  • Provides a deep clean
  • Long handle for tough-to-reach places 
What we don’t like

See Also

  • Head cannot be interchanged

There’s no time like the present to treat yourself, and the PMD cleansing device is the perfect way to honor that. With three interchangeable attachments held together by magnets, you can switch from washing to scrubbing and massaging with ease. Your shower game just got even better.

The soft silicone brush makes for an excellent clean. It helps that it’s hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin. The loofah attachment provides exfoliation, though it’s on the lighter side compared to more abrasive scrubbers. An aluminum oxide exfoliator buffs the skin so it feels silky smooth.

But the holy grail lies in the massager equipped with sonic glow technology. Work out the knots and kinks in your neck, feet, and back with the long handle. And yes, it’s safe for the shower. 

Material: Polyester and microfiber | Shades: Dark grey, jungle, linen | Size: Large

PMD Clean Body Cleansing Device

What we like

  • Soft exfoliation
  • Three interchangeable heads for different uses
  • Massager for extra relaxation

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Loofahs For Men


The best loofahs for men exfoliates as well as cleanses. You’ll want a texture with enough abrasion to remove dead skin cells but not too much to rip up the skin. Dual-sided loofahs are great for sudsing as well as softening the skin. 

Fiber type

Natural fibers often create the best loofahs for men, though they don’t last very long. Silicones and microfiber are great for long-lasting wear, while cheap plastics have to be thrown out after a month. Plus, they don’t break down in the environment. 


Unless the best loofahs formen specifically states it’s anti-microbial (like silicone or terry cloth), they’re typically not. Even natural loofah and sea sponges can gather gems. But as long as you wash, sterilize, or throw your loofah out at the appropriate time, you’ll be good. 

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    • To use a loofah, get it wet in the shower and apply your favorite soap or shower gel. As you massage it against your skin, it should work up a good lather. Scrub your entire body, then rinse your skin.

      • Cleaning a loofah is as easy as tossing it into the washing machine in hot water. You can run silicone scrubbers through the dishwasher, too. Check the instructions on your loofah to be sure it’s safe to wash. 

        • Typically, you should replace your loofah once a month. But if it says it’s safe to wash, loofahs can last for up to a year or longer. 

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