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a Benedetta Bruzziches bag or clutch

a Benedetta Bruzziches bag or clutch

What is a Benedetta Bruzziches bag, what is a Benedetta Bruzziches clutch, and what makes them special?

Carrie Bradshaw would be all about the newest handbag line out of Italy to hit italist. It’s sparkly, it’s fluid. It dazzles and hypnotizes the eyes. It’s…Benedetta Bruzziches.

A whimsical line of show-stopping handbags and accessories, called “objets d’heart” by the offbeat Italian designer, come from Caprarola, Tuscany. Since 2009, the Bruzziches family has created its quilted Carmen bags and plated bijoux boxes, infusing fantasy and romance into its designs—every piece is a conversation starter.


“I let madness and fantasy be free to play together and generate havoc, showing themselves in their fruitful union.” – Bruzziches


We first spotted the Benedetta Bruzziches bag line when we spoke to Who What Wear last year about trending handbag designs and brands.

The Benedetta Bruzziches Bag

The Vitty La Mignon shoulder bag is the star of the Italian label. Named for a fictional character invented by the designer, the Vitty is the perfect evening bag. Not too small or too large, with enough room for essentials but lighter than a leather bag and far more eye-catching.

Look for details like an outer constructed from aluminium mesh studded with crystal rhinestones, lined on the inside with organic silk satin, and 100% handmade in Italy.

benedetta bruzziches vitty la mignon bag

About Vitty La Mignon the person, Bruzziches has this to say:


“Everyone calls her VITTY but she prefers to be simply called “Monica”, and is a tribute to the great Italian actress, shy muse of Michelangelo Antonioni.

She loves to be embraced tightly and knows how to reciprocate trepidately with the softness of a hand-sewn silk satin body. If you take her outside and hold her under your arm, whether for a moonlight or just for a firefly, with her mesh of crystals dress she knows how to shower you gently with her flickering reflections: it is her way of blushing.”


You’ll also notice that each colorway of a Benedetta Bruzziches bag is not just blue or pink or yellow, but is a mini-story in itself: Hollywood Party (pink), The Winter’s Tale (blue), Aluminum Black (graphite), Comfortably Numb (black and white stripe), and Aurum (gold), among others.

If ever a line of accessories has taken us to fairytale princess realness, this is it.

benedetta bruzziches vitty la mignon bag

The Benedetta Bruzziches Clutch

Speaking of princesses…you can live your Little Mermaid fantasy with one of Benedetta Bruzziches other fluid, amorphous, and beautiful designs: the Ariel clutch.

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As a limited edition—each piece is numbered—the Ariel clutch (and similarly-shaped Armonia) are sculpted from 3D printed from a block of multicolored or layered methacrylate, a type of acrylic often used in beauty products, then hand-painted and engraved, and set with a diecast brass stone studded with crystals.

benedetta bruzziches clutch

A meticulous final polishing reveals surprising nuances, activating light and creating additional depth. Each Benedetta Bruzziches clutch also includes an opaque detachable organic silk satin pouch for privacy.

The Benedetta Bruzziches Sale

You’ll find the complete range of Benedetta Bruzziches bags, shoes, and accessories on italist, and you’ll save up to 40% every day.

There’s almost always a Benedetta Bruzziches Sale going on though, and when marked down, you could save up to 80% on current and past season collections. 

What are you waiting for? Go find your fairytale bag, and begin an adventure.

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