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A First Look at Planet IX

A First Look at Planet IX

Since Planet IX vaulted into the top web3 games in regards to active users, and has stayed there for a couple of weeks, we thought we should take a first look at this popular, web3 enabled game about restoring a fallen planet.

Planet IX is multiplayer, planet cleaning game connected to the Polygon blockchain. Planet IX plans to run in a story-based, seasonal approach, with the progress of players affecting the shifting of the seasons. In this first phase, called Waters of Genesis, players (known as ‘Agents of Change’), must help restore a planet (Earth), polluted into lifelessness by a previous civilization.

Planet IX Gameplay

This first phase is mostly a stake and earn game. Players own and trade PIX NFTs, which are each one small, hexagonal section of the planet. Planet IX consists of 1.6 billion PIX, each one an individual NFT. PIX owners can combine multiple, adjacent PIX into a larger territory. PIX come in rarities, with legendary representing major city centers, and the bottom tier, Outliers, representing deserts and mountains. The rarer the PIX tile, the more it costs in IXT token to combine.

different land, or PIX plots in Planet IX

Players stake their lands to earn IXT tokens. Rarer PIX and larger tracts of land earn a larger share of the reward pool. Players can then spend IXT to build facilities on their plots to increase production. The staking pools for IXT tokens refill from sales and trading fees on the in-game marketplace.

IXT is the game token for Planet IX. It’s used for all game actions, and players will need some in their wallets before they can begin purchasing PIX plots. Players can acquire PIX by purchasing them from other players on the market, or earning a weekly pack drop.

The IXT token (available on Quickswap) only has 153 Million tokens in all, with nearly 18% of that devoted to play to earn rewards.

Planet IX economy infographic
Planet IX economy infographic

Players can collect and Recycle Waste from the Planet to earn raffle tickets. Players can also buy corporation shares which provide exclusive airdrops and other future game benefits.

Planet IX has a roadmap for a larger game including technology development, player run DOA organizations, more robust defi features, and more. A lack of centralized documentation makes it difficult to figure out how to really play the game. They do offer a ‘Gamebook‘, but it is very minimal and seems to be missing sections. But, this is one of the top games in regards to active users, so they must be doing something right!

To learn more about Planet IX, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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