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After Gala Games and Gala Music, Gala Launches Gala Film

After Gala Games and Gala Music, Gala Launches Gala Film

Gala has announced a new web3-based entertainment platform for artists and fans. Gala Film, a new service that was unveiled recently in the Galaverse Malta event that took place on 6th-8th June 2022, aims to provide true ownership to fans and filmmakers alike by leveraging the use of blockchain technology. Gala Film is the third brand of Gala after Gala Games and Gala Music with the same vision of enriching the web3 entertainment experience.

Gala Film is a new vertical under Gala that aims to overcome the challenges of the film industry with the help of blockchain technology. The platform will help filmmakers monetize content, earn money, reward fans and supporters, build a decentralized system to enforce intellectual property rights, and create a web3 entertainment ecosystem. Just like other platforms of Gala namely Gala Games and Gala Music, this platform will create unique opportunities for fans to directly involve themselves in script voting, casting, participating in fan-only events, and much more.

The platform will help filmmakers and artists directly connect with fans and understand what they want to see in films. It will also give a creative license to filmmakers by providing them the chance to distribute directly to fans without the presence of a middleman. The rewarding system is unique too. Instead of charging fans for streaming movies, the platform will reward fans for streaming and producers will be rewarded for bringing up new artists onto the platform.

Gala aims to build an interoperable ecosystem between Gala Games, Music, and Film by giving fans ownership of content used in films. This “Watch and Earn” model of Gala Film will help fans earn money by monetizing content in the form of NFTs. For example, if your soundtrack or music is used in a film then you can benefit from claiming ownership. 

So, fans can benefit from overlapping content in all three domains. This is the core benefit of Gala Film as it will provide owners “true ownership” of their content wherever it is used. Despite being blockchain-based the platform will be easy to use for fans and NFT collectors. Users need not get into the complexity of blockchain and they can use it just like any other web2 platform.

What is the Gala Film Pass?

Gala Film Pass is a digital item launched by Gala to celebrate the launch of Gala Film 2022. The pass will give the ability to holders to redeem a Gala Film node, a Gala Film NFT for the first film release, and a whitelist spot for a future title. Holders will also receive exclusive access to events and film rewards. 

The Film Pass sale was announced last week at the Galaverse event and will be available in very limited quantities. The pass will be powered by GALA token and will also have a monthly subscription service that will allow viewers access to films and digital content all around the world. The first 500 passes are reserved exclusively for Galaverse guests out of the total 1500 passes available on Gala Store. The Film Pass is also available for purchase on OpenSea.

Gala Film Movies

Upcoming Projects on the Gala Film Platform?

Vox Feature Teaser: Gala Games and Blue Eyes entertainment has planned for an upcoming feature film based on VOX. The film will be a mini-series that will help viewers navigate through a web3 world. The screenwriter of the film Adam Pava was nominated for Oscars for the animated feature film category.

Making the Chronic: A series of 16 short films where Snoop Dogg will narrate the making of Dr. Dre’s iconic 1992 album from Death Row Records along with his tracks released on Gala Music.

Ghosts of Ruin Sneak Peak: Gala Film has partnered with Battle Island for the production of the animated series “Ghosts of Ruin”. A sneak peek of the series was shown during the Gala Film unveiling event.

Gala Film Pass

What is Gala?

Gala is a web3 entertainment company that uses blockchain technology for decentralization to promote true ownership of digital content in the entertainment industry. They have revolutionized the way of gaming, music, and entertainment by rewarding users for consuming content. Founded in 2019 by Eric Schiermeyer (the co-founder of Zynga and gaming legend), Wright Thurston, and Michael McCarthy, Gala aims to connect creators directly to fans by providing fans the chance to get directly involved in new projects. Gala currently has three companies under it – Gala Games, Gala Music, and the new addition Gala Film.

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