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An NFT Tailored Specifically to You

An NFT Tailored Specifically to You

In the wide world of NFTs, artists and creators have a multitude of ways in which they can express themselves via their projects. That much is a given – but have you considered how collecting NFTs can also be a form of expression? Provided you invest in projects you have a personal stake or interest in, your overall collection should end up saying a lot about you.

NFT collectors come in all shapes and sizes. You could be a proud member of a community birthed by prestige collections such as CryptoPunks and the BAYC. You could also be a seasoned sports trading card collector looking to take their hobby into the metaverse. You could even be a digital land prospector. The list goes on.

For some, collecting NFTs mirrors how art collection works in the real world, with collectors and DAOs pooling together millions of dollars in crypto to finance the purchase of one-of-one pieces from creators like Beeple. On the other hand, some projects — namely Art Blocks — tout the guaranteed uniqueness of NFTs minted on their platform as essential components of experiencing their project.

A collection that reflects its collectors

But what if instead of having your choice of NFTs reflect you, an NFT itself did? That’s a question the critically-acclaimed Haas brothers are hoping to answer with their upcoming debut into the NFT space: the MultiBeast collection. Although at first glance, this might seem like another well-crafted art collection, there’s much more to this project than meets the eye.

This is slated to be an iteration on the tried and tested generative PFP collection format, and as such, the Haas brothers are dubbing pieces from the MultiBeast collection Unique Digital Portraits. (UDP) Each UDP in the 8,888-piece collection is set to feature one of 130 trillion potential combinations of traits, which will be determined by the users themselves.

As per the project’s press release, “the holders will ultimately decide the rarity and composition of the NFT collection.” Prior to minting their UDPs, those registered as eligible to partake in the mint must first answer a 30-40 question personality test prepared by the Haas brothers.

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This won’t be a rote multiple-choice test, either – each question on the test will be represented by abstract art, integrating the test-taking experience with the overall minting experience envisioned by the Haas brothers. According to the press release, this test “[is] designed to be a visual/social art experience […] and [with its] unconventional tactics it will capture your personality in a matter of minutes.”

Once eligible minters complete the test, they’re set to receive their UDP within a week’s time — an NFT that’s not only truly theirs, but reflects who they are.

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