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Art Cats NFT Delisted On OpenSea Marketplace

Art Cats NFT Delisted On OpenSea Marketplace

OpenSea delists another NFT collection without any warning. This time, it’s Art Cats NFT — a project helping stray animals by providing food, medical care, and building shelter. Art Cats announced its removal from the OpenSea marketplace yesterday.

OpenSea removes Art Cats NFT without any notice.

Why Did OpenSea Delist Art Cats NFT?

Through a tweet, Art Cats NFT revealed they can’t find their collection on OpenSea and it appears the platform delisted it. According to their post, they are baffled why it happened because they haven’t received any email from OpenSea about the removal.

The NFT project narrated that when their collections were still online, they contacted the Opensea support team. They intend to ask them for verification of their account and collection. However, OpenSea denied their request because the project has not yet reached the 100 ETH trading volume requirement.

Apart from the email from OpenSea about the verification, they claimed they haven’t received any messages from the NFT marketplace. Additionally, they said OpenSea removed their collection without any notice.

At the end of the post, Art Cats reassured its holders that they already filed a request to OpenSea to resolve the issue.

OpenSea Strikes Again

OpenSea delisting NFT projects without any notification are something NFT creators cry foul of. Last week, it delisted Godjira over a fake online letter. Now, it removes Art Cats and its holders are upset because it’s the only charity-based Music NFTs.

The number one NFT marketplace should do something about it. For example, warn NFT projects before taking them down on the platform.

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