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Axie Wraps up Homeland Season 0

Axie Wraps up Homeland Season 0

That’s a wrap, folks! The first season (Season 0 officially), for Homeland, the land gameplay feature of Axie Infinity, ended today, and the team shuts things down to prepare for Season 1. We should see more from this much anticipated alpha in a few weeks.

Season 0 of Axie Homeland ended today (January 31, 2023). And according to the Axie team’s metrics, things looked pretty good. Player retention rate was high, players tended to play long gaming sessions (though I saw some players complaining about that), and overall, players showed significant progress in leveling up their land plots.

And though not all feedback was glowing, overall, players seemed to be very positive about the general experience. All player progress will be reset for Alpha Season 1. And then again at least one more time as the game moves to beta and then release.

Players who reached a high level on the leaderboards will receive the ‘Legendary Pioneer’ title when Season 1 starts. Expect to see more significant leaderboards rewards in future updates when the team decides to test the game economy.

a very developed land plot in Axie Homeland

This land gameplay release led to an increase in active Axie players as well as a bump for land sales. In fact, some land plots sold for over $130k USD!

The team plans to try and launch Season 1 in about three weeks. There will be changes and tweaks to the gameplay and game economy. And other improvements as well. We should get more details on those changes as we get closer to the next season.

What is Axie Homeland?

Axie Homeland is a game about building and growing on your land plot while putting your Axies to work. The main goal of Homeland is to manage a settlement as efficiently as possible in order to equip adventurers with gear and supplies to defeat waves of monsters. The more successful these adventurers are, the more rewards the landowner receives. Players need to grow crops and construct buildings, assigning Axies to take care of the work.

Though apparently there will be some sort of free to play option in the future, right now, players must own an Axie land plot to participate in the Homeland alpha.

Right now Homeland offers the following features:

  • Gather – gather raw materials from the surrounding environment
  • Craft – craft powerful gear and supplies for your adventurers
  • Trade – trade with native adventurers and other landowners for in-game currency
  • Decorate – beautify your land plot
  • Build – build the necessary infrastructure to craft gear and process raw materials
  • Passive Adventure – equip and send your adventurers to battle
  • Compete – strive to be one of the top players on the leaderboards
  • Explore – explore the world of Lunacia as landowners turn their empty land plots into massive settlements

Presumably, at some point in the future, this will tie back into Axie Origins, with both games supporting each other in different ways.

To learn more about the Axie ecosystem, follow them on Twitter, visit their website, and join their Discord.

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