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Carl and Oliver of Rubato, in conversation – Permanent Style

Carl and Oliver of Rubato, in conversation – Permanent Style

I was wondering when this would drop, great to catch up on via the recording!

Saturday Rubato Pop Up tldr:
Got to meet and chat with 3 top blokes. Bought a sweater (it’s as great as the one I got as a present) and almost walked out with a lot of other things.

It was really nice meeting and talking to you Simon on Saturday afternoon (I was the one wearing the baseball cap). Carl and Oliver you were both fantastic too!

If anyone is on the fence about going to the pop ups I’d really recommend it if you have the chance. I’m glad I decided to go on a whim with the added bonus of a nice memory with the brand owners which makes the pieces I have that more special.

At the Rubato pop up it was really nice to talk to Oliver and Carl about the different products available, as well as their recommendations on fit and styling. Very welcoming and the passion and enthusiasm they have for their product and their customers was very heart warming.

Simon was much the same – polite and welcoming (however, readers be warned your wallet might be at risk as he can really turn on the charm. Still thinking about the Donegal overcoat Simon!). Simon was very gracious to give a lot of his time answering and discussing my questions as someone still at the start of figuring it all out. Readers are probably also happy to hear Simon also hinted at more upcoming PS collaborations, but I will leave it up to Simon to officially reveal that.

Going to the pop up was quite interesting. There is often negative misconceptions associated with the luxury clothing and menswear world like social/wealth demarcations so it was nice to see that it was just a bunch of fellow enthusiasts happy to talk with others and partake in this niche interest that they enjoy so much – Simon I wonder if you have further comments about this part, which might make for an interesting article topic.

In case readers might be interested in the fit.

If you have broad shoulders and a trim waist the sweaters they fit great:

1. Very comfy and the wool is nice and thick. True to their word when Carl told me they wanted it to be a enjoyable workhorse staple.

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2. Fit is a V shape – a nice relaxed fit without being sloppy. Very comfortable to wear with no uncomfortable straining nice place like the back, chest, shoulders and arms, but without the awkwardness of excess fabric around the waist.

3. As Rubato has already stated. Best to wear with true high waisted trousers (12″+) at a minimum medium/medium-high rise (11″) in my experience.

Look forward to trying to make it to future pop ups and whenever Rubato stops by again. Thanks for bringing all these brands and people down to London Simon!

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