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Casablanca clothing is luxe leisurewear for the summertime

Casablanca clothing is luxe leisurewear for the summertime

A fusion of lux and leisurewear, Casablanca clothing embodies the dual heritage of its French-Moroccan founder. Also: where is the best Casablanca sale?

Casablanca brand: what is it?

The Casablanca brand—not to be mistaken with Casablanca the movie!—is the brainchild of Charaf Tajer, a French-Moroccan fashion designer. Brought up in Paris, before establishing his own label Tajer worked with Pigalle, Off White, and Supreme. 

Informed by his dual heritage, in 2018 Tajer set out to create a label that would “spread beauty and self-confidence, express what’s beautiful in the world and about the world, and in all of us”. He wishes for Casablanca to “join the legacy of French luxury brands and to signal a new wave of classic brands”.

Born as a menswear brand, today the Casablanca brand offers womenswear, too. With its iconic relaxed silhouettes, rich fabrics, and vivid colors, the label was shortlisted for the 2020 LVMH Prize, and boasts fans such as Kendall Jenner, Burna Boy, and Jeff Goldblum.

In 2020, Casablanca partnered with New Balance, updating two of New Balance’s existing models (327 and 237), and creating a brand-new sneaker–the XC-72, inspired by the Monaco Grand Prix.

This year Casablanca has launched a collection of leather goods titled “Serpenti through the Eyes of Casablanca”, in collaboration with luxury fashion house Bulgari.

Why the name Casablanca? Because it’s the city where Tajer’s parents met and fell in love!

casablanca clothing

Casablanca clothing

Casablanca clothing is a seamless blend of French and Moroccan culture. The label presents itself as a modern reimagining of après-sport aesthetic, offering refined yet relaxed pieces–you’ll find extravagant silk shirts, matching sweatpants and sweatshirts, fun printed tees, colorful signature jackets, tennis dresses, and more.

Expect a warm color palette that evokes both North African terracotta and the tennis courts of the Roland Garros stadium, accented with pops of color. On most pieces, you will find references to nature–fruits and palm trees, waves and shells—and to sports such as tennis, ping pong, and car racing.

Casablanca’s SS22 collection is named Masao San, after a Japanese friend of the designer. The collection is a homage to the Japan of the 90s, with continuous nods to the 80s Memphis movement.

casablanca clothing brand

One of our favorite pieces this season is this multicolor quilted satin jacket. It features a bold abstract design on the front, and a print of Mount Fuji with the sun setting behind it on the back. We also love this blue silk shirt for women, with a print of futuristic Japan, and the matching silk pants

Many SS22 pieces, such as this cady dress, feature the bright colors and wavy lines of the Memphis movement. This souvenir jacket is a quintessential Casablanca piece—lightweight and colorful, it’s a statement item worth investing in.

Casablanca always uses the finest materials, such as silk, cotton, velour, cashmere… Most pieces are made in Italy, applying Neapolitan tailoring techniques to leisurewear.

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casablanca sale

Where is Casablanca on sale?

So, where is Casablanca clothing on sale?

So far, the Parisian fashion house has no flagship stores. In April 2022, Casablanca installed a a pop-up shop at Maxfield Gallery, Los Angeles, launching the capsule collection Désert Phantastica, inspired by Palm Springs.

In 2021, Casablanca had opened a brightly-colored pop-up store in British department store Selfridges.

Other than that, you can find Casablanca on sale at several multi-brand boutiques all over the world, or you can shop directly on the Casablanca brand website.

But if you want to save up to 40% on Casablanca pieces, look no further than italist–we usually have the best pricing offer on the market, and we carry a wide selection of Casablanca clothing for men and Casablanca clothing for women.

casablanca clothing brand

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