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Complete Daily Tasks in MOMOverse for Rewards

Complete Daily Tasks in MOMOverse for Rewards

MOBOX continues to expand their social hub / gameification world, MOMOverse, by adding daily quests for players. Now players can earn in-game rewards for completing simple tasks.

Released earlier this year, MOMOverse continues to sprout new features, encouraging players to spend time in their virtual world. The latest, Daily Tasks, will likely generate some interest. Every day, players receive a new, random selection of Tasks. Completing a Task rewards the player with a Treasure Map. Follow the map to find a reward!

MOMOverse Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks in the MOMOverse include such things as catching MOMOs, harvesting materials, playing games, and other in-world activities. Players receive Treasure Maps as rewards. Use a map to help to locate a buried treasure, which may contain resources or MOBalls (used to capture wild MOMOs)!

Both Tasks and rewards reset at 8am UTC every day, so be sure to claim your rewards before then! The in-game Task interface displays a handy countdown timer on the bottom of the window.

To participate in Daily Tasks, players must own a MOBOX Avatar. For those who missed the initial drop, Avatars can be purchased here. The current floor is just under $8 USD. There are also other activities such as the Survivor game and giveaways on Binance that require Avatars. So if you plan on spending time in the MOMOverse, you might want to pick one up.

MOBOX Avatars
MOBOX Avatars

What is MOBOX?

MOBOX is a gaming platform running on the Binance Chain that includes some decentralized finance elements. Though it began as a defi system, MOBOX has developed several, mobile-style games, and recently launched their virtual world called MOMOverse.

Though obviously designed with mobile platforms in mind, the games can be played on desktop as well. They are all very casual, with rewards to the top players Most of the games provide opportunities for quicker advancement by spending MBOX tokens.

In addition to the games. Owners of MBOX tokens can stake them on the site for a steady return. Players can also enter lotteries for boxes that contain MOMOs or MEC tokens (used to upgrade MOMOs). MOMOs can be staked to earn even more MBOX. It’s a system that encourages feeding earnings back into it, but owners can cash out at any time. Tokens accumulate throughout the day.

MOMOverse is a combination social hub, defi interface, and crafting game. The eventual goal seems to be enabling access to the entire MOBOX ecosystem through the MOMOverse. Future plans include home ownership and decoration. MOMOverse is available via web browser as well as on Android devices.

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