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Create to Earn with Latest VoxEdit Contests

Create to Earn with Latest VoxEdit Contests

VoxEdit, the official voxel editing software for The Sandbox, continues to host creator competitions, offering opportunities for users to create and earn. This month sees two contests running simultaneously! One for hot air balloons, and another in partnership with Star Atlas for creating voxelized versions of the factions in their game. The prizes for the top 10 finishers are significant. I highly recommend that anyone who is into voxel editing, digital artwork, or even building cool stuff in Minecraft should take a look at these contests. The software and entry to the contests, is completely free.

While The Sandbox may have lost some of its hype to other virtual world / metaverse projects, it’s still a major player in the space. And an important part of The Sandbox ecosystem is user created content. This includes not only the games and Sandbox experiences, but also a large portion of the NPCs, objects, and other entities that are seen in-game! These objects are created using a free, easy to learn software called VoxEdit.

VoxEdit holds regular creation competitions to promote their tool and encourage content creators. General rules for these contests include keeping the entries appropriate (ie, no racism, sexual content, etc), making quality entries, and no plagiarizing. You can read the full list of rules at the VoxEdit Contest Guidelines.

Details on each contest are below. Good luck!

Hot Air Balloon Contest

fly my pretties!

The first contest is rather simple. Design a hot air balloon. But since it’s such a basic idea, creativity will play an important part in this contest. Entrants will be forced to think of how they can make their balloon stand out in a crowd of balloons. There are plenty of real-life examples for inspiration, but given that there are no real-life constraints here, I would expect to see quite a few very unique entries (anyone up for making a steampunk balloon?)!

Balloons should not be larger than 512 voxels tall (which is pretty damn big) and the entire entity should not use a box larger than 512 voxels on each side.

Prizes for this contest are as follows:

  • 1st place – 6,000 SAND
  • 2nd place – 3,500 SAND
  • 3rd place – 2,000 SAND
  • 4th to 10th place – 500 SAND each

You will need to create a gif of the animated asset (Gyazo is the suggested tool for this), tweet the gif out while mentioning @VoxEdit and @TheSandboxGame and using the hashtag #VoxEditWeekly . Finally, fill out the official submission form.

Submissions accepted from May 5th through May 12th, 11:59pm UTC. Reviews and voting run from the 13th through the 27th, with results announced on June 2nd.

Star Atlas Faction Contest

The second contest sees a partnership with another play to earn title, Star Atlas. Submissions are open from May 2nd through May 15th, 11:59pm UTC. Reviews and voting from May 16th until June 5th, with results announced on June 11th.

For this contest, designers are tasked with creating an inhabitant from one of the three factions — the Oni, the Ustur, or the MUD. The three factions are quite different. And while you could just create something based on the image here, it would probably be wise to also read about the factions to get more details and ideas.

Star Atlas races
faces only a mother could love!

There is also a secondary contest related to Star Atlas. For this one, the goal is to create a headpiece inspired by BLOND:ISH, an artist who creates for both The Sandbox and Star Atlas. This headpiece should fit the standard avatar. Personally, when I hear headpiece and space-theme mentioned together, my first thoughts go to The Fifth Element! And while I’m not really sure what sort of inspiration folks will get from BLOND:ISH, I do look forward to seeing the final creations!

The prizes for this contest are very hefty. First prize alone is worth about $50k at current values! Prizes include SAND tokens and Star Atlas NFTs.

  • 1st place – 20k SAND and an Opal Bitboat
  • 2nd place – 15K SAND, 2 Calico ATS Enforcers and a Calico Medtech
  • 3rd place – 8,000 SAND and an Ogrika Mik, a Busan Thrill of Life and a Calico Medtech
  • 4th to 10th place – 1,000 SAND and a Busan Thrill of Life for each

In addition, whoever designs the best headpiece wins Ogrika Mik and Busan Thrill of Life NFTs.

As usual, create a gif of the animated asset, tweet it using the hashtags #VoxEditWeekly and #WeAreStarAtlas while mentioning @VoxEdit, @TheSandboxGame and @StarAtlas. Then fill out the submission form.

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