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CryptoDickbutts NFT Daily Trade Volume Ramps Up 690%

CryptoDickbutts NFT Daily Trade Volume Ramps Up 690%

The third season of left-field NFT collection CryptoDickbutts is hitting the headlines for its rather impressive surge in trade activity. Daily trading volume for the NFTs on OpenSea was up 690% to 290 ETH (or roughly $495,000) yesterday, putting the collection at number six in the overall chart, above projects such as Art Blocks, Cool Cats, and Goblintown. 

The collection’s artwork, which is centred around pimping out pixellated cartoon male genitalia characters with party-centric accessories, was created by comic book artist K.C.Green back in 2006. As social media platforms such as Reddit emerged, the artwork then became popular within meme culture.

In March of 2021, an OG collection of 161 CryptoDickbutts NFTs launched, which was then followed with a 3D collection instalment, and then a Series 3 launch of 5,200 NFTs in August 2021. 

At the time of writing, the Series 3 floor price sits at an impressive 3.99 ETH, whilst the remaining two are also doing well, as the OG collection has a floor price of 9.6 ETH, and the 3D collection has a floor price of 2.69 ETH. 

The reason for Series 3’s boom in sales over the past day cannot properly be pin pointed as of now. However, its perennial ties to meme culture, its Steve Aoki, Blondish and ProbCause-featuring DAO, and an emergency Twitter Spaces talk held by chief strategy officer of CoinShares and prominent Bitcoiner/Web3 influencer Meltem Demirors, have certainly played a part in the sudden price surge. 

In their Twitter Space, which took place on Sunday, Demiror stated: “The Dickbutt community has always been about one thing and one thing only, and that is the universal truth of one D equals one B…I also think that commenting on prices defeats from the overall objective here. Dickbutts are not about investing. Dickbutts are a culture”.

As the collection’s surge in trade activity showcases, attendees clearly adhered to the influencers’ prompts to join the CryptoDickbutts community. 

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