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Curated Conversations: ALIENQUEEN – SuperRare Magazine

Curated Conversations: ALIENQUEEN – SuperRare Magazine

An: Where were the characters in your art originated from? The girl, skull, alien, frog, etc.
ALIENQUEEN: The girl in my artwork represents me, and the skulls can also symbolize either me or another entity, depending on the piece. Since I was a kid, aliens have fascinated me, and now I love drawing them, making them a significant part of my art!

An: How did you decide on your color palettes?
AQ: The colors flow to me impulsively, and I become quite obsessive with them. I’ll modify an illustration multiple times until it feels just right. I suppose I choose my colors based on my emotions and feelings.

An: How important are psychedelics to your art?
AQ: Psychedelics are pretty essential to me and I use psychedelics as a tool to help stimulate my imagination and increase creativity. I feel more open and receptive to new ideas while on a psychedelic trip and I feel a deeper connection to myself.

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An: Can you tell us a bit more about this 1/1 you are dropping on SR?
AQ: This piece is about the certainty of death and how it’s an inevitable part of life. Alongside death, there’s also freedom. Death is the ultimate truth we all face, while freedom allows us to live life the way we want. These two ideas are closely connected, reminding us how valuable life is and urging us to live it true to ourselves.

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