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Damien Hirst NFT The Currency Holders Have 1 Week To Claim Art

Damien Hirst NFT The Currency Holders Have 1 Week To Claim Art

The Damien Hirst NFT experiment is almost over, and holders of The Currency NFTs must claim their physical copy of their artwork in less than a week. Officially, the final date for NFT holders wanting to swap their NFT for a real-life piece of Damien Hirst art is 3 PM British Summer Time, 27th July 2022. The project on the art sales platform HENI is a collection of 10,000 NFTs and was the artist’s first-ever NFTs.

NFT holders of the Damien Hirst NFT project, the currency, have less than a week to claim a physical version of their NFT.

Who is Damien Hirst?

The Currency NFT collection by Damien Hirst offers a new view on NFTs. For each NFT artwork, there is a corresponding physical version. Significantly, these are all handmade by Damien Hirst. The English artist is one of the most iconic contemporary artists of the 21st century. He has won numerous awards worldwide, and his work is in high demand.

In 2008, a collection of 218 pieces called “Beautiful Inside My Head Forever” went to auction at Sotheby’s. The sale ended with over £111 million ($198 million). This made Hirst a record holder in a single-artist auction. 

In July last year, Damien Hirst launched The Currency NFT collection using inspiration from the artwork he created in 2016. A year later, NFT holders now have an important decision to make.

Damien Hirst The Currency NFT burn is soon!

So far, only 2,459 NFT holders have swapped physical replicas of their NFTs. This means that there are currently still 7,541 remaining NFTs. In the coming days, this will likely change. More people will have to decide what to do with their NFT.

HENI has a live map on their website, which tracks if people are swapping their NFTs or not. Those that choose to keep their NFT and not receive a physical copy of the Damien Hirst The Currency NFT will have their matching physical copy destroyed.

Similarly, those who swap their NFT for a piece of Damien Hirst art they can hang in their home will lose their NFT.


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