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Decentraland Gurus Launch Metaverse Beauty Week

Decentraland Gurus Launch Metaverse Beauty Week

Commencing today and running until June 16, Decentraland, alongside Spatial and Roblox, will welcome ‘Metaverse Beauty Week’, bringing a wave of enchantment and glamour to the virtual world. Interestingly, this lavish affair will also occur outside the Metaverse, showcasing a physical presence in London, UK.

Brought to life by the innovative agency, CULT, the Metaverse sphere will test conventional beauty boundaries, integrating the virtual worlds’ oddity with the attractiveness of the beauty sphere. Welcoming beauty mavens like Neutrogena, ULTA, LUSH, and more, the festival is a hub for all beauty enthusiasts and Web3 spirits to embark on all things visibly alluring. 

Decentraland’s Beautified Oasis

Decentraland’s Vegas City is the central point of Metaverse Beauty Week, treating attendees to numerous experiences through captivating gameplay and state-of-the-art prizes, with Decentraland’s SuperNina and Christy Krantz (“CK Bubbles”) ready to guide event attendees through the sparkling domain.

Former GLOW UP judge and AR make-up artist Paige Piskin — known as the “Legend of the Metaverse” by VICE — is another icon gracing the festival with her alluring presence. In partnership with Neutrogena, Piskin’s brand ambassador, Kerry Washington, will also present an otherworldly experience, diving into the bedazzling skincare world.

Attendees that are yet to prep for the festivities can head to the Decentraland marketplace to rummage through outstanding outfits, make-up, and hair wearables, before jazzing up their avatars to partake in the following shenanigans:

    • The Hut Group’s ‘Glossy Drops’: Kick off on a quest to gather scattered Glossyboxes to win real-world beauty goods. 
    • Neutrogena’s ‘Boost Your Skin’s Vitals’: Partake in an educational skincare adventure in a joyful learning journey. 
    • Valdé Beauty’s ‘Valdé Armor Archway’: Transition into a Valdé warrior with the power of a luxurious lip make-up collection.
    • CK Bubble’s ‘The History of Nail Art’: Venture through history while admiring the evolution of nail art. 
    • LUSH’s ‘Bath Bomb Reveal’: Immerse in a melting bath bomb for unique sensory experiences. 
    • Supernina’s ‘World of Wellness with Supermind’: Embody the mantra “beauty comes from the heart and soul” with Supernina’s limited-edition wearables and emotes. 
    • Clemantine’s ‘Meta-tation’: Begin a soul-searching journey with Clementine’s wellness brand through soothing ‘meta-tation’ sessions. 

To escape in Decentraland’s unique journeys, participants can download the Decentraland PC or Mac app or head to the official Decentraland website. So, gear up for entrancement as the metaverse and the beauty world merge in an explosion of creativity, color, and sass at Metaverse Beauty Week.

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