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Degen Zoo Puts Failed Youtuber Project to Shame

Degen Zoo Puts Failed Youtuber Project to Shame

In what can only be described as an epic lesson in stubborn-mindedness, ‘DAO Maker‘ founder, Christoph Zaknun, has put Youtuber, Logan Paul, to shame by building out his abandoned ‘Crypto Zoo’ project in just 30 days. The result, Degen Zoo, sees Christoph take all of the core ideas from the original project, and build them into a fully functioning NFT-based game.

Way back in August 2021, Logan Paul announced Crypto Zoo, a project that would allow investors to hatch eggs into animals that can then be staked to earn passive income. Despite raising over $3 million however, the game never materialized, earning Paul an unfavorable reputation in the NFT space.

Fast forward to the latter stages of 2022, and the YouTuber was called to answer for his apparent deception. Resulting in him stating that the project was unfeasible due to the ‘years of development’ required to build such a platform. At this point, Logan and Zaknun crossed swords when the latter stated that he could build the game in just 30 days. Consequently, Paul responded in his favorite medium, the YouTube video, stating that Zaknun had “no right to dictate the required development timeline.” Spurred on by these poisoned words however, Christoph took on this mighty challenge and began building.

Gentle Mockery Evolves into a Legitimate NFT Gaming Platform

What initially started out as an attempt to discredit and gently mock a social media star, slowly gathered momentum in the NFT space. Essentially seeing Degen Zoo gain a massive 250k Twitter following as it broadcast regular updates of its progress.

True to his word, and with just hours to spare, Degen Zoo went live on day 30 of the project, and has since launched its IDO, registering 115,000 wallets with a combined world record setting pledge of over $700 million. Within days of release, the current testnet version of Degen Zoo saw over 30,000 transactions from more than 3000 individual players.

The Ins and Outs of Degen Zoo

Degen Zoo represents a scathing critique on the impact of humanity on the fauna of planet earth. Essentially, incentivizing gamers to sacrifice their animal NFTs in the name of good, old-fashioned capitalism. This is achieved through a mathematical staking game designed to mimic the fragile relationship between human kind and the animal kingdom.

Players will initially start the game by acquiring eggs, which they will then hatch into one of 120 different species of animal. Each of which, will have its own unique APR rate associated with it ranging from -85% to 1500%. Players can then stake these NFTs to earn $DZOO tokens that can eventually be released by burning the NFT (killing the animal). Which will, in turn, increase the rarity of all other instances of that species.

During the game, players also have the opportunity to consume other NFTs to make them stronger and increase the overall APR. Essentially, seeing the game continue until all of the animals have become extinct as holders look to cash in on their rewards.

So, by invoking the motivational power of stubborn mindedness, Christoph Zaknun has built a fully functioning NFT game in just 30 days, and, as if to further rub salt in the wounds of team Logan Paul, Degen Zoo will donate all proceeds from the game to charity!

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