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Do Pedro Garcia shoes run small and more about this iconic shoe label

Do Pedro Garcia shoes run small and more about this iconic shoe label

Do Pedro Garcia shoes run small? That and more about this iconic footwear label.

The Pedro Garcia brand is a notable name in the world of women’s footwear, renowned for its blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative design.

Founded in 1925 by the first Pedro García, the brand is now led by the third generation, brother and sister Mila and Pedro García. Mila serves as the CEO, and Pedro is the creative director. This familial lineage has been integral to the brand’s philosophy and growth.

History of Pedro Garcia

Located in Elda, a town in the Mediterranean region of Alicante known for its shoe-making tradition, Pedro Garcia maintains its own factory. This location is not just a production site but also a “design laboratory,” where the brand’s creative directors can closely monitor every phase of production.

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This setup facilitates a unique design process that blends the designers’ talent with the skilled hands of artisans, ensuring high-quality and innovative footwear.

Distinctive, Timeless Shoes

Pedro Garcia’s footwear range is varied and distinctive, reflecting the zeitgeist of each era while remaining timeless.

Some of their iconic designs include the Classic Mules, known for blending comfort with elegance; Artistic Sandals, which capture the spirit of Spanish summers with intricate details and embellishments; Versatile Flats, which offer understated sophistication with soft suede finishes and ergonomic design; and Edgy Boots, showcasing a blend of functionality and fashion-forward thinking with unique materials and finishes.

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In terms of innovation, Pedro Garcia has introduced several groundbreaking features.

These include water-resistant fabrics to extend the lifespan and durability of their products, cushioned insoles for enhanced comfort and support, and a diverse selection of materials ranging from silks to innovative synthetics, creating eye-catching and stylish designs.

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Do Pedro Garcia shoes run small?

Regarding sizing, it appears there is some variability in Pedro Garcia shoes. While some customers find them true to size (TTS), others suggest opting for a half size up from their “normal” size, indicating that they may run slightly small or narrow.

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This sentiment is echoed by multiple users on discussion forums, where one user shared that one of their pairs of Pedro Garcia shoes was TTS while another was slightly larger than usual.

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We recommend trying a pair of Pedro Garcia shoes if they are available in-store near you, before ordering, if you’re unsure of your sizing.

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Why Pedro Garcia?

Pedro Garcia stands out in the luxury footwear market due to its deep-rooted family heritage, commitment to quality craftsmanship in its own factory, innovative design process, and the introduction of unique features in their shoes.

While there seems to be some inconsistency in sizing, the brand’s dedication to style, comfort, and innovation continues to make it a favorite among women worldwide.

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