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Empowering Their NFT Holders With Choice

Empowering Their NFT Holders With Choice

Many geniuses have been doubted. In fact, some of the most important inventions in existence only came to be due to someone helping bring the idea to life. Accordingly,  NFT technology offers an alternative to relying on sheer luck or a patron to come along. Essentially, the non-exchangeable tokens created by Seaside Investment Club will be used to fund potentially great ideas.

The Seaside Investment club is taking a new approach to community funding

Seaside Investment Club aims to help people in need and its members, but how?

Art was always a solid asset for value preservation. Now, NFTs often represent a digital form of art which are potentially worth millions of dollars.

One way for the project to sustain itself will be by minting and selling digital artwork. Basically, the revenue generated from these sales will support and fund our communities’ greatest ideas.

We present our first NFT collection Apex Humanity: Its content shows important turning points in the history of human civilisation and societies development.

What Is The Seaside Investment Club NFT Collection all about?

The collection consists of 10,010 NFTs. The club members will receive each of these NFTs completely at random. Seaside Investment Club uses the ERC-721 smart contract standard to generate the NFTs. Then, the giveaway is completely random, using Chainlink’s VRF Oracle and a solution based on the decentralized PureFi AML protocol.

The first 110 NFTs will award Diamond, Gold and Silver tier memberships for the club. Then, the remaining 9,900 participants gain Bronze tier status.

Other gifts include an apartment in Dubai, luxury watches and four cryptocurrency prices worth 5 ETH in value.

The Seaside Investment Club’s Utility For Holders

110 members will be eligible for governance voting. Club members get to propose and then vote on the organization’s initiatives using blockchain tech. Plus, they also get a say in our charitable work.

Gold, Silver, and Diamond level members will have access to all of the project’s subsidiary services. Seaside Investment Club conducts decentralized transactions with various digital and real-world assets which it is and/or has invested in.

About Learn to Earn and Travel To Earn

Community members receive a platform to help them on their way to financial freedom. Basically, the platform  provides tools to hone their skills while also enjoying themselves:

Firstly, a Learn to Earn an app will give holders the chance compete against each other in a quiz format to sharpen their mind.

Then, Travel 2 Earn will be a game and TV show where participants will travel the world using blockchain technology in various forms. Through this game, they will face challenges on their way to victory.

Connect With The Seaside Investment Club

Get involved with the Seaside Investment Club via their website or discord channel to find out more information!

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