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Fake NFT Influencer Mineeervas Scams A 17-Year-Old Brazilian

Fake NFT Influencer Mineeervas Scams A 17-Year-Old Brazilian

A 17-year-old NFT enthusiast got scammed by fake NFT influencer Mineeervas. In a Twitter thread, the Brazilian victim narrated how Mineeervas deceived him and took his money. Continue reading to find out one of the scams in the NFT space.

There’s a new NFT scam in town and fake NFT influencer Mineeervas is involved. Credit: @rainyaashy on Twitter

How Did Fake NFT Influencer Mineeervas Scam the Victim?

According to the victim, the scam started when he met Mineeervas in a Brazilian Telegram group. The fake NFT influencer flexed his collection in the group. He said he got all the blue-chip NFTs — Azuki, CloneX, Moonbirds, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Lands with Kodas, Invisible friends, and Doodles.

Moreover, he also shared his knowledge about the market in the group and tried to answer everyone’s questions acting like a kind and genuine person.

After that, Mineeervas chatted and befriended the victim, gaining his trust and attention through false claims. The fake influencer said he is friends with the most popular personalities in the NFT community including Farokh, Deeze, and Punkie.

The picture shows a fake screenshot Punkie sent to Mineeervas to convince the victim to buy an alpha pass.
Mineeervas sent the victim a fake screenshot of his conversation with Punkie about a “big opportunity”. Credit: @rainyaashy on Twitter

He showed screenshots of his conversation with his claimed friends. Additionally, he said he was even invited to an AMA for a project in the community. Mineeervas then sold the victim an alpha pass for a project allegedly driven by @muratpak and promoted by Punkie for 0.14 ETH.

However, the victim later found out that none of the fake influencer’s words were true. The alpha pass was for a fake project and there was no big opportunity. When he messaged Deeze and the other influencers to ask about Mineeervas, they denied any connection with him.

At the end of the thread, he said two of his friends were also scammed for 0.8 ETH but with a different script. One thing is common, the scammer would try to sell an alpha pass to the victim.

Scams in the NFT Space

The alpha pass scam is just one of the many ways perpetrators use to prey on NFT collectors and enthusiasts. There are also Discord scams, phishing scams, and even free-to-mint NFT scams. While there are many opportunities on Web3, there are also dangers in the space, so it’s best to keep yourself updated and your assets protected.

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