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Fight to Earn in Champions Ascension Arena

Fight to Earn in Champions Ascension Arena

The heralds of the Emperor announce an upcoming tournament in Champions Ascension. Sixty-four fighters will face off in the arena, with one emerging victorious as the grand champion!

The sign-up for this tournament is open now. There are only sixty-four slots available, but the Champions Ascension team is keeping a waitlist in case any competitors chicken out!

The team asks that you only sign up if you know that you will be available for both time slots. Round one runs on March 11th from 5-8pm UTC. This round features six rounds of a swiss style tournament, with the top eight competitors moving on to the final round. Round two runs from 5-8pm UTC on March 18th. This will be a single elimination tournament to crown the best Champion of the lands!

The winner of the tournament receives a Elemental Eternal NFT, with another Elemental Eternal raffled off among all of the participants. Players can track the tournament matchups and status on once they’re posted.

a few Elemental Eternals

Arena Combat in Champions Ascension

Grasping the basics of arena combat in Champions Ascension is pretty easy. But becoming a master takes patience and practice. Using a game controller helps as well!

Arena combat in Champions is a 3d, one versus one battle on the sands of the arena. Each champion has a number of different attacks and special abilities based on their body parts and traits. Players also have options for blocking, dodging, and charging, providing plenty of opportunities for different battle tactics.

At the moment, players must choose from a pre-selected group of heroes. But in the future players will be able to use their own individual Champions in the arena.

You can read the official combat guide here. The game also offers a practice mode to let you get used to the controls against a bot player. For those new to the arena combat, there will be a special arena bootcamp on Friday, March 3rd, run by Blitz7622.

fight for glory in the arena!

Free to Play Alpha

Those who own a Prime or Champion NFT can use those as their avatar in-game (except in the arena), including all of their specific traits and appearances! Those who don’t own an NFT must use a default, generic, human avatar.

The pre-alpha currently includes arena combat as well as several mini-games. The mini-games range from mostly passive crab races to confusing and disorienting drunk racing to betting and bluffing dice games. Arena combat is currently limited to a specific selection of heroes, but the Champions team has steadily worked on adding new Champions to the mix as well as balancing, tweaking, and bug fixing.

Champions Ascension holds regular pre-alpha previews every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Players can join two sessions on Thursdays, starting at 9am and 3pm PST. On Friday and Saturday, Champions runs three sessions — 2am, 9am, and 3pm PST. These sessions all run for two hours.

You can download the Champions Ascension game client here.

Champions Ascension crab racing
crab racing

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