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Super Diego is a 3 piece pop-rock/happy-rock band who come forth from Mississauga, Ontario. Composed of members Caleb on vocals and guitar, Chico on bass and Kyle on drums. This indie band is very unique in many ways by combining references to Filipino culture like Jollibee, love teams, Marvin and Jolina, as well as, Monito and Monita –Filipino’s version of Secret Santa, together with a slice of life experiences in Toronto in the music that they create. Their songs are catchy, feel good, energetic and would straight send you missing the Philippines. I asked them questions to understand their beginnings and their thought process in how they make the music they create now. Join us in our conversation:

Tell us who is Super Diego, where you guys grew up and how did you start making music together?

“Mississauga”, responded by Chico. “I was born in Mississauga but grew up in Quezon City. Super Diego is Caleb, Chico and Myself. Think of Super Diego as a Filipino Superhero. Music is the Bato to our Darna or the Barbell to Captain Barbell. Without it, we’re just simple and normal young men. Gets niyo ba? Started in 2011, we were 18 years old. Pinarinig sakin ni Caleb songs niya and then the rest is history.”, said Kyle.

Continuing on talking about their beginnings, Caleb responded, “Superdiego used to be a no-budget band when we started. I thought the name was funny and catchy which represented our earlier songs. Through open mics in Toronto and Mississauga, it made a way for us to cross paths. Chico from a different band and Kyle with my old friend who used to sing a lot. We started playing covers like backstreet boys and Sharon Cuneta just for jamming. Then we did original songs on open mics.”

Who Are Your Music Influences?

“For SUPER DIEGO, you can call our music Happy Pop. For me, mainly OPM and Christian Music. Nowadays I listen to any kind of music and whatever really caught my attention, I try to apply it to our music.”, said Kyle. “Kamikazee, Kamikazee, Kamikazee… And some Hillsong Christian music.”, Caleb responded.

“Past influences are Paramore, My Chemical Romance, MYMP, Gloc 9, Eraserheads and my recent influences are Scary Pockets, Boy Pablo, Tom Misch, Pino Palladino and  Snarky Puppy.”, said Chico.

Do You Guys Co-write As A Band, Or Is One Of You The Main Songwriter Of The Group?

“Caleb writes the songs and makes the demos and then we arrange it as a band.” responded by both Kyle and Chico.

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“Myself so far for the lyrics but looking forward to all of us to write and produce songs in one room together.”, said Caleb.

What’s Next In Line For Super Diego?

“New song release with a Music Video. Live gigs when all these social distancing is done.”, Caleb responded. “Manila tour? Hmm… More songs to be released, Music Videos, And hopefully, more live gigs when all this is done.” said Kyle.

What’s Your Vision Of Super Diego’s Music Career?

“Right now, if ever I can use music to find a cure or a legit vaccine for covid…”, Chico responded jokingly. ” Do I want to play music for a living? Hell yeah. But realistically since we’re in Canada… I feel like lahat ng dreams ko dito sa Canada sa music nagawa ko na. Every event, record, live gigs, radio guesting, I was even blessed to have a mall show in Manila with my other band etc. Everything na gusto ko puntahan when we started in 2011 na achieve ko na. At this point, I just want to see more original music from artists here in Canada. I wanna be able to inspire them to write and make their own materials. Gusto ko makakita ng bagong batang banda na may mga original songs kagaya namin nung 2011, we were a bunch of 18 years olds then. I wanna see a growing community of artists with original music in Toronto. If Magawa ko lahat yun, yun na ang music career para sakin dito.” Kyle said.

“For me, 1. Be happy and proud of what we’ve done when we look back. 2. Build a healthy positive music community for both vets and aspiring new musicians. 3. Give ourselves the opportunity to keep learning, explore, and grow in our life long music journey and ultimately just have pure fun. 4. Philippines Music tour 202- ?”, Caleb answered.

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