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Frank DeGods, the NFT Mogul

Frank DeGods, the NFT Mogul

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of NFTs, stories of extraordinary individuals who defeat the odds and achieve remarkable success are always inspiring to see. One such inspiring journey is that of Frank DeGods. Frank (aka Rohan Vora) went from being a UCLA dropout to becoming the head of an NFT empire. With his relentless drive, creative vision, and entrepreneurial spirit, Frank DeGods has carved out a path that has reshaped the NFT landscape, from DeGods, to y00ts, and beyond.

Here’s everything you need to know about Frank DeGods legendary journey from college dropout to Web3 superstar.

From Dropout to Superstar – Frank DeGods Journey

Who is Frank DeGods?

Frank DeGods is a founder, visionary artist, and entrepreneur who has significantly impacted the world of NFTs with his two projects on Solana, DeGods, and y00ts. Moreover, Frank’s ambitions have expanded much further than just within the Solana ecosystem.

Now, DeGods and y00ts have become multichain endeavors with DeGods leaving Solana in 2023 for Ethereum. Later, DeGods even ventured into Bitcoin as Ordinal Inscriptions. This is all while y00ts found a forever home on Polygon.

If Frank didn’t have enough clout already, he is also a co-founder of DeLabs. With his innovative approach and relentless drive to challenge the status quo, Frank has captured the attention and admiration of the Web3 community as a leading pioneer.

Furthermore, even though we are currently in the midst of one of the most brutal bear markets ever, Frank’s first project, DeGods, still sits at a staggering floor price of over 9 ETH on OpenSea. Additionally, y00ts currently sits at a cool floor price of above 1.8 ETH. The fact that both projects are holding value while many other projects ‘bleed’ is a massive testament to Frank as a founder and the community he has fostered.

Frank DeGods Doxxed

For a long time, Frank DeGods true identity remained hidden. However, in a surprising turn of events that occurred in November 2022, Frank DeGods real name was revealed via Twitter. The man behind the pseudonym was found to be nonother than Rohun Vora, a former UCLA dropout turned Y-Combinator Fellow.

Frank originally chose his alias because he is a huge fan of the artist Frank Ocean. However, his followers both surprised and applauded his decision to step out of the shadows and embrace his authentic self.

By doing so, Frank demonstrated the importance of transparency and authenticity in the NFT world. This is something that inspired others to embrace their true selves also. Frank’s doxxing sparked a wave of large and small anonymous accounts to reveal they’re true identities. Included in these accounts was Dust Labs CEO Kevin DeGods. There’s no doubt that Frank is one of the most prominent celebrities in Web3.

Frank DeGods Identity Remained Anonymous Until Doxxed on Twitter

Rohan Vora, UCLA Dropout

Frank DeGods, AKA Rohun Vora, spent his early teens working on movie sets. Therefore, he was inspired to study film at UCLA later on in life. Shortly after starting, Frank dropped out of college to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

Upon leaving college, Frank was accepted to the start-up fund and program Y Combinator, where he managed to raise $1.3 million. Later, he joined a coding boot camp and secured a job at a software development company, Main Street, where he raised a 500 million valuation. It seems that Frank was always destined for great success.

y00ts and DeGods

Franks’s first project, DeGods, is a deflationary 10,000 profile-picture-project of gods in a creative aesthetic combination of modern streetwear-meets-ancient vibes, with an emphasis on building utility for its community. It is an industry-leading project that has secured the elite title of ‘blue chip’. Additionally, it is one of the most desired projects in the NFT space.

Franks’s second project, y00ts, is a generative art project of 15,000 NFTs and it is the team’s love letter to the Web3 community. y00ts was designed to be aesthetic and engineered to be functional. Additionally, it was curated to contain the best community of builders and creators on the internet. Although y00ts isn’t the same calibre as DeGods, it is still one of the most reputable and well-known projects in the space.

DeGods Profile-Picture Art

Frank DeGods Socials

Like any other successful founder, Frank has leveraged the power of social media to connect with a wide audience. Platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn have become his virtual canvases. These platforms are where he shares his creative process, engages with his followers, and inspires his communities.

Frank DeGods Twitter profile boasts a hefty following of more than 200,000 people. In addition, Twitter is where he is most active. It is the platform where you can find his thoughts and insights daily.

On the flip side, Frank DeGods LinkedIn profile isn’t nearly as busy. On the professional platform, Frank has a little over 3,000 followers and doesn’t post nearly as regularly.

Frank DeGods’ social media channels have become a treasure trove of inspiration. His platforms are where aspiring artists and collectors seek guidance, discover hidden gems, and engage in conversations about the future of NFTs. By sharing his journey and insights, Frank has fostered a supportive community that encourages collaboration and creativity.

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The journey of Frank DeGods from a UCLA dropout to an NFT mogul is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and embracing persistence. His story goes to show that despite the hiccups in life, anyone can make it if they keep pushing.

Through his innovative approaches to leadership and his role as a founder, Frank has reshaped the NFT landscape and inspired countless people around the world. As he continues to push boundaries and redefine what is possible in the world of NFTs, Frank remains a driving force in the industry.


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