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Full Steam Ahead as Axie Infinity Ushers in Origin Phase 3

Full Steam Ahead as Axie Infinity Ushers in Origin Phase 3

NFT gaming juggernaut, Axie Infinity, has ushered in the third phase of its ambitious Origin project. It is now enabling the SLP rewards system and marking the long-awaited transition into Origins Season 0.

As a result of the launch, gamers will now earn SLP rewards when winning ranked PvP matches in Origin, meanwhile Axie has simultaneously removed the same function from the ‘Classic’ version of the game. Furthermore, Axie users have now gained the ability to craft NFT runes and charms on the platform which after a 7-day cooldown period they can trade openly on the Axie Infinity marketplace.

In addition to these core changes, Axie has also tweaked the other aspects of its rewards system. As a result, leaderboard rewards have increased from 49,175 paid out to 10k players, to 60,708 paid to 20k members, while ranked matches will see gamers earn a larger share of moondust and ancient moonstones.

The first official Axie Infinity Origins season will last for a grand total of 30 days. During which, the team will disable the ability to mint SLP tokens while it irons out its gaming mechanics. Consequently, reserving the right to confiscate SLP from any accounts deemed fraudulent. At the end of this period however, Axie will reduce the cool down period for claiming SLP from 14 to 7 days.

So, those with a penchant for pitting small furry animals against each other in a viscous battle of skill and wits, the time is now!

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