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Gala Games Migrating Treasure Chest to GalaChain

Gala Games Migrating Treasure Chest to GalaChain

The Gala Games Treasure Chest is no more as Gala makes a move to migrate everything over to their GalaChain! Any items that were previously store in players’ Treasure Chests are still in their inventory, but now they can only be minted directly onto the GalaChain.

For a long time, Gala Games has used their own custodial wallet to hold player’s tokens and distributed NFTs. And while that still holds true, players will now be able to mint those tokens and items in their wallet onto the GalaChain at no charge!

Unfortunately, the whole process is a bit confusing. So let me see if I can clear it up a bit. Any NFTs that players previously purchased directly from Gala Games or through a secondary market are on the Ethereum blockchain. Items which were gifted to players (through Gala Gold rewards or various contests), have been deposited into a ‘Treasure Chest’, which is nothing more than a custodial wallet run by Gala Games.

What’s Happening?

The real change here is twofold. One, the term Treasure Chest is no more. Players just have inventory now. Secondly, if players want to move an item or token out of their custodial wallet, they must mint it onto the GalaChain. GalaChain is Gala Games’ sidechain and where all of the Gala apps will reside going forward.

However, in order to trade or sell an item, it must reside on the Ethereum blockchain. Moving an NFT from GalaChain to Ethereum costs a fee in GALA tokens. Hopefully, at some point in the future, Gala will offer a player to player marketplace on GalaChain. Because until then, the only advantage of GalaChain seems to be the ability to make purchases directly from Gala without paying any ETH fees. Which they really should have had long before now, as they forced users to transfer ETH into their custodial wallet before any purchases could be made.

Another confusing aspect is their use of the term ‘Allowance’. Un-minted items will show as ‘GalaChain Allowance’. Choosing to ‘Fulfill Allowance’ on an item will create that item for you on the GalaChain. They say that they are open to new terms, but that Allowance is the one that makes the most sense to them.

But anyway, minting items from your inventory onto GalaChain is free of charge. Items for Common Ground (formerly Town Star) can not be minted to GalaChain yet. That functionality is still in the works.

GalaChain will be the future of Gala Games going forward. Any items minted from within the games in the Gala ecosystem will appear on GalaChain. This change also affects payouts from Founder Nodes. Rewards from running a Founder’s Node will also be distributed to GalaChain.

You can learn more about GalaChain at

More About Gala Games

Gala Games is a blockchain ecosystem for web3 games. This includes in-house games, as well as partnerships with other developers. Their games in development include Spider TanksMirandusSuperiorTown Star, and many others. They also purchased Ember Entertainment, a mobile gaming company, and have begun integrating NFTs into their existing mobile games.

But Gala includes more than just games. They have launched projects for distributing Music and Film as NFTs! Gala Games is also building up their own blockchain known as GalaChain (formerly GYRI), on which all of their apps and games will live in the future.

To keep up with all of the latest from Gala Games, follow them on Twitter, join their Discord, and visit their website.

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