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Gala Games to be Published on Epic Games Store

Gala Games to be Published on Epic Games Store

Getting the attention of mainstream gamers has been an uphill battle for blockchain games. Especially with the recent backlash against NFTs from the larger gaming community. But Gala Games and Epic Games are pairing up to try and change that. Apparently the entire Gala catalog will eventually be available in the Epic Store. But, first in line is an upcoming wild west themed, battle royale game called Grit.

Steam banned NFT games from its platform in October of 2021 with some very negative and obviously ill-informed comments from Gabe Newell about NFTs and the blockchain space. But really we know the main reason is that Steam makes a ton of money from item sales on its platform and doesn’t want to share that income. Epic Games, on the other hand, recognized the growing blockchain gaming industry and decided to support rather than reject it. This is a big coup for Gala Games. Especially if they can get several titles to market quickly to take advantage of the hype. And potentially a major windfall for Epic Games, whose store has long overshadowed by the Steam behemoth.

Grit is First to the Epic Games Store


Grit, a wild west themed battle royale game, is the first slated for launch on the Epic Games store. This will be the first web3 game sold on the Epic Games Store.

Supporting solo, duo, and squad matches, Grit promises epic shootouts with guns, horses, and explosives! Sounds like a good start. But we’re also going to need a selection of different game modes, a wide variety of well-built maps, support for player-built maps, and other cool stuff like that.

Grit has an amazing opportunity here as the first web3 game to appear in the Epic store. And a big responsibility. As the first to be put in front of mainstream gaming, Grit needs to show that blockchain gaming is legitimate and not just a way to push more micro-transactions onto gamers. They also need to make sure that the barrier to entry is low. IE, have a reasonably priced entry point for new players and don’t make them deal with setting up wallets and exchanging currencies just to start playing. And finally, they need to make a fun game.

They have a good start with a proven game type and an interesting theme. Hopefully, Grit will deliver.

Gunslinger Sale

Grit Gunslinger box
Gunslinger box

Gunslingers are unique, generative character NFTs. 10,000 are available in this sale, with the sale opening in stages to different groups. As I write this, Gunslinger boxes are available to Galaverse attendees and holders of Founder’s Node Licenses for $1200. On June 8th, Gala Gold members have added to the whitelist, and the price increased to $1500. For the public sale, live on June 9th, the price will be half of the floor price for the boxes on the secondary market, or $1500, whichever is more.

Gunslingers are playable character avatars in the Grit game. Each character comes with its own set of attributes and perks. Characters feature loadouts, allowing players to customize their characters. The Gunslingers are currently boxed. It’s unclear when they will be revealed

And while these Gunslingers have founder NFT type prices, there’s no mention that owning these character skins will offer any special perks or bonuses beyond what a regular player might have.

For more info, visit the official Gala Games website.


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