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Ghostface Killah Inscribes New Song Via Bitcoin Ordinals

Ghostface Killah Inscribes New Song Via Bitcoin Ordinals

The Bitcoin Ordinals is attracting more mainstream celebrities as it continues to grow. This time, American rapper Dennis David Coles, popularly called Ghostface Killah, is launching a new song on the protocol. This would be the second time a rapper’s song will make it into the Ordinals ecosystem within the past week.

Ghostface Killah, known for his founding role in the hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, announced this week his plan to deploy his new song on the Bitcoin network through the combined effort of NakaPepes, Rare Scrilla, and the Ordinal Bot. He added that there would be a limited supply of 10,000 pieces.

Holders are in for a treat as the collection will be minted for free. Each collectible will possess Creative Commons Zero (CC0) rights, enabling the general public to reuse, enhance, or adjust the song as they wish since the original artist has waived copyright interests.

Expressing enthusiasm for the 53-year-old rapper’s latest foray into the Bitcoin Ordinals, Ordinal Bot head of strategy Toby Lewis said:

“We are really excited to be working together with Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah, in partnership with the NakaPepes collection to bring more art and music to the Bitcoin blockchain.”

French Montana, a Morrocan-American rapper, made a similar move last week. He deployed the “Hidden Song” on the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol. The song climaxed the rapper’s latest album, Mac & Cheese 5. Ghostface Killah and French Montana have become part of the first musicians to inscribe their songs on the Ordinals protocol.

Created in January 2023 by the Bitcoin developer Casey Rodarmor, the Ordinal protocol has become one of the key drivers for Bitcoin adoption over the past year. It has raked in massive attention from Bitcoiners, non-fungible degens, and mainstream entities alike. For example, popular NFT marketplaces integrated Bitcoin NFTs into their platform.

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Ghostface Killah’s latest exploration of the Bitcoin Ordinals will likely increase his fan base. Several fans unfamiliar with the non-fungible realm also stand a chance to have a firsthand feel of NFTs.

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