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Goblintown NFT Founders Get Doxxed, Floor Price Fall Follows

Goblintown NFT Founders Get Doxxed, Floor Price Fall Follows

The founders of one of the most recent NFT hype trains ‘Goblintown’ have doxxed themselves as ‘Truth Labs,’ a self-described collective of Web3 creators who are also behind the ‘IlluminatiNFT’ and ‘The 187’ projects. Contrary to the fact that transparency is largely welcomed within the space, the project’s floor price has seen a dip in wake of the announcement. 

To doxx themselves, Truth Labs posted a four minute video on Twitter. The video communicated with the audience via text, and begins with the founders stating that they were dreading doxxing themselves because of their belief that the project isn’t necessarily about them. From here, the video included numerous instances where Truth Labs reinforced the notion that Goblintown doesn’t belong to them, and that it belongs to everyone.

As you may’ve expected, the video also included various moments of gratitude, wherein Truth Labs thanks the community for the value and creativity that has been created around the project. 

The doxxing also came with other news about the project, including the fact that the project doesn’t, and never will, have a roadmap, Discord, or utility (a term they coined as ambiguous). The video also mentioned that Truth Labs have set aside 1,000 Goblin NFTs for pre-existing members of the IlluminatiNFT and The 187 communities, as well as those from the IlluminatiDAO and various other actors within the space. The NFTs will be distributed incrementally after NFT.NYC, an event which the project will be attending via ‘The McGoblinburger Burger Truck’.

The video then went on to state that after NFT.NYC, new Goblintown merch will be launched. The venture is something that Truth Labs believes would’ve been difficult if they decided to remain anonymous. It then ended with the tagging of 12 of its previously undoxxed team members.

At the time of the video’s release (on June 14th) Goblintown’s floor price was floating around 4.9 ETH, however in its wake, the figure rapidly dropped to 3.15 ETH, and now sits at 3.33 ETH.

This counter-intuitive response has prompted Twitter users to speculate its cause, however, given the fact that Azuki’s floor price rose after its founder doxxed themselves as a serial rug puller, it can be said that NFT market reactions sometimes follow no logical path whatsoever. 

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