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Gods Unchained Reveals Light’s Verdict Mini-Set

Gods Unchained Reveals Light’s Verdict Mini-Set

Gods Unchained released what they are referring to as an ‘Epilogue Expansion’ set. Called Light’s Verdict, this set features twelve new cards and arrives as a potential bonus within Mortal Judgement packs. The sale for these cards starts on September 28th and runs for two weeks.

Beginning on September 28th, and running until October 12th (4pm PT), cards from the new Light’s Verdict set in Gods Unchained will be available. This is a set of 12 new cards associated with the Mortal Judgement expansion. But these cards aren’t found in their own packs. Instead, for a limited time, some Mortal Judgement packs may contain an extra Light’s Verdict card. (note: Mortal Judgement pack rewards from the Weekend Ranked events will also have a chance to contain a Light’s Verdict card while this promotion is active).

Light’s Verdict cards
Light's Verdict cards
Light’s Verdict cards

All cards from Light’s Verdict are open to balance changes until the team officially locks the set on some undefined date in the future.

Light's Verdict drop rates
Light’s Verdict drop rates

Unfortunately, they decided to make the drop rate for the new cards confusing enough to need its own chart! In short, Light’s Verdict cards will only be found in packs that match the rarity of the card. Though some of the cards are still harder to find than others of the same rarity. They refer to these as ‘Chase Cards’, though it really just seems like a way to push more pack sales.

In addition, since the Mythic card for the Mortal Judgement set, Omox the Mad, is still undiscovered, Gods Unchained is increasing his drop chance by 20x while Light’s Verdict is active. Previously, Mythic cards have sold for as much as $40k USD, so this could potentially be a very lucrative find for some lucky player!

Lysander’s Spear Trinket

Lysander's Spear Trinkets
Lysander’s Spear Trinkets

With this expansion comes a new Trinket. On October 18th, a wallet snapshot will be taken. Those who own a complete set of Light’s Verdict cards receive a copy of the new Lysander’s Spear Trinket. A full set of Shadow cards from this expansion nets a level 2 Trinket, Gold a level 3, and only full Diamond sets receive the level 4 trinket.

Trinkets will be airdropped once existing Trinkets have been migrated to IMX. A migration that has been much too long in the making. It’s been over a year since IMX launched and we’re still waiting on our Chests and Trinkets to be available for trading again!

Cosmic Shift in Gods Unchained?

And then we have something called Cosmic Shift. The team has been hinting at this on their social media for the past week or so. Now they reveal what it is, and I’m still not sure I completely understand!

Basically, the Cosmic Shift seems to be some sort of card buyback program that is supposedly lore driven. But since the decision making about which cards get purchased is all behind the scenes, we can’t really know if it’s the lore driving these purchases, or are business decisions driving the lore? And what happens to the purchased cards? Do they sit in that wallet address forever? Will they be redistributed at some point? I really don’t see the goal here. Is it to try and create value for cards that nobody wants because they are mostly useless in-game? Or is it just a marketing ploy to try and increase trading volume disguised as a lore driven event?

I’ll just leave this excerpt from the official blog post here for you to digest.

  • The Cosmic Shift (CosmicShift.eth) will purchase certain Gods Unchained assets from the Marketplace over a finite period from 4pm PT on the 28th of September and 4pm PT on the 12th of October.
  • Cards will only be purchased by CosmicShift.eth if listed in $GODS.
  • Selected cards linked to the theme Thaeriel’s Corrupting Influence on Eucos will be targeted. It’s up to the community to figure out which specific cards.
  • A limited number of each asset will be purchased. Additional assets of a specific type will not be purchased after the limit is reached.
  • Not all cards listed will be purchased; this includes assets above a certain price cap.
  • CosmicShift.eth is tied to the wallet address [0x7a15DDd9ae02F28b8957bb25A68eA21e670f958c]

Learn more about Gods Unchained in our game guide.

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