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Grow and Earn Hemp in Farming Tales

Grow and Earn Hemp in Farming Tales

Farming Tales continues its unique brand of combining gaming and real-life farming with a new sale. This one is for those interested in growing hemp. Beginning at 19:00 UTC on June 6th, interested players can purchase NFT boxes full of tools. Combine the right combination of tools to create a Hemp Field for use in-game, and potentially upgrade it to receive real life hemp products from an actual farm!

After already building out their farm, and delivering real life products from community owned saffron plants and bee hives, Farming Tales is ready to add a new crop, hemp! Players will be able to create Hemp Fields for use on their in-game farm, and upgrade those fields to Hemp Land NFTs. Hemp Lands represent partial ownership of the hemp crops in the real world. Much like the saffron and honey, when the harvest comes in, owners of the related NFTs have the option of receiving a portion of the product delivered to their homes!

Hemp Tools Sale

hemp land inforgraphic

Players won’t be able to buy Hemp Fields directly (except from other players on the secondary markets). Instead they buy boxes of Grower Tools. Each box contains special NFTs, five in the Rookie box, ten in the Expert box. There are ten different tool types, with each box containing a random assortment. Gather one of each type of tool and blend them together to create a Hemp Field. Use a Hemp Field in-game to grow Hemp for the town’s economy.

After the Hemp Fields are assembled, there will be auctions and events over the next few weeks where players can acquire a special NFT. Blend this NFT with a Hemp Field to upgrade it into a Hemp Land. Hemp Lands are associated with the real life farm. When the crop is harvested, owners of Hemp Lands receive Hemp NFTs that can be traded on the markets or redeemed for delivery of some of the actual product!

And before the stoners out there get too excited, this is hemp, not marijuana. Though from the same species, the plants are different. Hemp is low on THC, but actually an extremely useful plant that has been unfortunately maligned in some parts of the world.

Now, as to what the actual ‘hemp product’ will be from the Farming Tales Hemp Lands, unfortunately, I could not get an answer to that question. I’m guessing it will be some sort of oil. Hopefully we’ll have more details on that soon.

The sale begins at 19:00 UTC on June 6th on Nefty Blocks. Holders of Early Adopter Diorama NFTs get a 15 minute head start before the sale is opened to the public. This is a limited edition sale. There are only 160 Rookie boxes and 70 Expert boxes up for grabs.

What is Farming Tales?

Farming Tales is a 3D farming game built on the WAX blockchain. Players own stables, gardens, coops, docks, and more. From these they harvest resources for sell and trade in the town of New Waxchester.

grow crops in your own garden

The game is not free to play. You need to own game NFTs before you can start harvesting. All animals need stabling in an appropriate building and growing plants requires a garden. Players must harvest regularly to make the most of their game items. Some items allow harvesting as often as once per hour, while others take many hours to replenish. Finding a good balance for your playstyle and time is important.

However, harvesting comes with a price as well. Each harvest requires food and/or water, which players replenish by spending CBITs. CBITS can be purchased on external exchanges or earned in-game by staking SEST tokens. Players have multiple avenues for earning which will increase once additional layers and complexity come to the Farming Tales economic system. Coming soon are boosters, acquired via special cross-collaboration promotions with other projects. Players place Boosters into their building to speed up or increase production. Currently the game runs in a simulated economic model, but when the fully economy releases, each type of harvest will produce its own resources, stimulating an in-game market and trading ecosystem.

The Real Farm

On top of the Farming Tales game, there is Farming Tales, the real-life farm. Anyone can claim a portion of certain harvests from the farm by owning special NFTs! This includes honey, saffron and hemp! Once the crops are harvested, NFT owners have two options. They can either request the goods be sent to them, or they can delegate the goods for sale and receive a portion of the proceeds!

Even if you don’t own a production source, it’s still possible to acquire special NFTs such as Forager Bees, ‘burn’ them in someone’s hive and receive honey in return!

This is a very cool idea that showcases the power of NFTs, blockchain, and the potential for distributed/crowdfunded projects to thrive without loans and the traditional banking system!

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