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Gucci x SuperRare Partnership: What You Should Know

Gucci x SuperRare Partnership: What You Should Know

World-famous fashion house Gucci is delving further into the web3 world, entering a unique partnership with SuperRare. A brand new art collection, ‘The Next 100 Years of Gucci’, is now live via the Gucci Vault. It is a brand new online concept store working towards a new future. Significantly, this partnership between Gucci and SuperRare is possible after Gucci acquired $25,000 worth of RARE tokens to join the SuperRareDAO. 

The Gucci x SuperRare exhibition is now live on Vault Art Space by Gucci. Credit: Future Heritage V1 by Kris Andrew Small.

Gucci x SuperRare partnership is a vision of the past and present

A household name and iconic fashion brand, Gucci, is planning for tomorrow. The art collection auction is the latest foray by Gucci into the new digital world of NFTs. Taking place in the groundbreaking Vault Art Space, it is a vision of the future for the company, founded in 1921. 

The Value Art Space exhibition comprises 29 artists selected from a diverse and innovative pool of creators. Amongst the artists in the exhibition are Pet Liger, VEXX, eBoy, Sasha Katz and many more. This is the work of Alessandro Michele, creating a kaleidoscopic narrative for Gucci.

The website states, “Vault Art Space Presented by Gucci and SuperRare conjures up a temporal flux by inviting 29 handpicked artists to reflect upon the House’s century of heritage and envision what comes next. Filtered through multifaceted perspectives of forward-looking creators, the codes of Gucci’s past and present become suggestions of its future.”

The Gucci x SuperRare exhibition is on display now, and the artworks are also available to buy via auction. There are three drops in total. The first drop runs from June 23rd to July 1st. Furthermore, the second and third will occur between July 7th and July 29th. 

Gucci invests in DAO

After initial success in the NFT community, Gucci is expanding into the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) space. They have chosen to take part in the NFT marketplace SuperRare DAO. To do this, Gucci has brought $25 thousand worth of $RARE tokens.

It is a unique partnership, with the fashion house becoming the first of such companies to join a DAO. Moreover, because of the tokens, they have purchased, the Italian luxury fashion brand now has governance rights within the SuperRare community.

“The vault is Gucci’s digital space,” SuperRare co-founder and chief product officer Jonathan Perkins said. “And they will be working with artists and selling art through their space, which will be powered by SuperRare technology.”

orange background with Gucci SuperRare text
Gucci is now a member of the SuperRare DAO after purchasing $25,000 RARE tokens.

Gucci trademarks metaverse digital goods 

Besides the SuperRare announcement, Gucci has been working behind the scenes on several web3 issues. Notably, on June 21st, Gucci filed several trademarks to protect its digital assets. Included in this trademark application are the image and logo of Gucci for NFT and metaverse purposes. 

This application includes NFT media, Crypto brokerage, exchange and marketplace services. Additionally, virtual clothing, vehicles, real estate, fashion shows, and currency are part of the document. Finally, it is an exciting development and proof that Gucci has some serious plans for its future within web3.

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