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How to Style Converse | Las Vegas Creators – Feature

How to Style Converse | Las Vegas Creators – Feature

Las Vegas Creators

Often recognized as the ‘Chuck Taylor’ brand, Converse has been paving the way for creatives, artists, and athletes alike since it first came onto the scene in 1908 by founder Marquis Mills. Originally designed to be basketball shoes, Converse’s innovative designs and concepts started with a think rubber sole paired with an ankle-covering canvas upper. Considered to be staple footwear for all generations, Converse sneakers’ original spirit has been reflected in many silhouettes that are perfect for any style or outfit.


To Converse, their sneakers are defined by how they’ve been received, adopted, and transformed by the people that love and wear them. These silhouettes celebrate the alignment of communities and cultures that serve as a venue for self-expression and creativity. With this concept in mind, we are spotlighting three local Las Vegas creators who wear Converse to express themselves through their art. Keep reading to learn more about how Luther, Ariana, and Rob style their Converse.


Ariana Reyna



Ariana Reyna is a content creator within the fashion and lifestyle industry based in Las Vegas. A typical day for Ariana starts with getting her daily coffee and beginning editing or creating content. When it comes to an everyday look, she creates her outfit by first selecting which shoes she wants to wear. Rather than wearing large statement pieces, Ariana likes to accessorize with more subtle details by layering her Black Platform Converse with a pair of jeans and an oversized cardigan. To Ariana, “Converse are always in my closet. They’re easy to wear and comfortable. If you don’t have a pair, I don’t know what you’re doing.”


Rob Guerrero



When he was first introduced to music at ten years old, local Las Vegas artist, entrepreneur, and former DJ Rob Guerrero expresses his artistry through his sense of fashion. As he grew up, so did his love for music, which resulted in his distinct sense of style following suit. To Rob, Converse sneakers are a timeless classic. “They stood the test of time. They’re a staple piece.” Rob chooses to pair his Wacko Maria x INVINCIBLE x Chuck 70 High ‘Animal Print’ with a plain white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a bandana for an accent piece.


Luther Redd

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What started with simply purchasing a camera to photograph his friends and family quickly escalated into a full-fledged photography career for Las Vegas-based photographer Luther Redd. Luther considers himself blessed to be able to have a career in photography, and his bold Converse sneakers encapsulate his creative expression entirely. Luther chooses to pair his Chuck 70 Archive Paint Splatter with an outfit that is aesthetically dark and neutral. With a neutral tee and pants, Luther also likes to add the perfect hat to his look.


Head over to our Instagram @feature for a closer look at how these three local Las Vegas creatives express themselves with their Converse.

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