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Immortalize Your Faithful Animal Companions with the Petaverse

Immortalize Your Faithful Animal Companions with the Petaverse

Imagine a parallel virtual world where your favourite four-legged companion can join in the mystical adventures within the metaverse. An eclectic wonderland in which a faithful hound or an indifferent feline can appear in all their magnificent splendour. Where owners can even take the controls and operate their animal avatars through the magnificence of VR.

This is not a pipe dream, this is the reality of Petaverse and the opportunities it unlocks. Therefore, thanks to the innovative work of metaverse studio, ComintedLabs, owners can recreate their beloved pets on the blockchain, where they will reside until the end of time, living forever utilizing the technological advancement of the NFT.

This therefore means, that pet owners can cast off the shackles that bind them to the physical realm. All the while, aided by their ever-faithful animal companions as they journey into the new era of the metaverse.

The Incredible Opportunities Afforded by Petaverse

To celebrate its mighty endeavour, Petaverse will launch a limited supply of 1000 ‘MetaPaws’ via the Polygon network, which will then represent the genesis NFT collection of its pioneering new virtual companions. Therefore, taking the virtual world to its next and logical step forward as it leverages the future of virtual companions for the crypto native generation.

What makes the MetaPaws special however, is the ability to replicate any beloved quadruped in its digital form. As such, lucky participants can upload a set of images of their fine pet which the talented 3D designers in the Petaverse office will delicately recreate in all its Web3 glory. In the absence of such a ‘best friend’ however, interested parties can also choose to ‘adopt’ their very own metaversal companion.

MetaPaws will arrive on the blockchain in four batches of incrementally increasing price, with the first batch of 100 unique items heading this way during the month of May. So, jump in fast to secure that coveted whitelist spot to get a jump on the competition.

Petaverse Virtual Pets Decentraland Metaverse

Petaverse in the Metaverse

No virtual pet would be complete without a virtual world in which to frolic with wild abandon. So, Petaverse has secured a grand 18 parcel venue in Decentraland, along with a grant from the Decentraland foundation to build the first virtual park in the metaverse. As a result, launching a bespoke pet friendly venue along with a number of gamified experiences to compliment the exemplary range of tremendous non-fungible tokens.

Furthermore, no metaverse experience would be complete without a range of thematic wearables. So, to provide pet owners with a fraction of the style of their virtual companions, Petaverse has launched a selection of backpacks and hats, available right now on the Decentraland marketplace.

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