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Infinite Fleet Beta Released with Gameplay Updates

Infinite Fleet Beta Released with Gameplay Updates

Infinite Fleet, the upcoming sci-fi MMO developed by Pixelmatic, launched its beta version on July 28, 2022. The Alpha version of the game ran from March 3, 2021, to May 31, 2022, during which 2170 players, aka commanders, participated in the fight. Considering the feedback of players from Alpha testing, this beta version comes with new and improved features, major gameplay changes, and bug fixes.

The Infinite Fleet closed beta is available to players who own a Centurion-class ship. You can buy a ship via the official website and click on buy ships under “Beta Live.” There are 3 types of ships available now: Polaris Cannon MK-5 is available at $80, Polaris Versa MK-6 at $40, and Polaris Envoy MK-3 at $25. Other ships have already been sold.

New features

Recently the Infinite Fleet team decided to migrate away from Unity’s ECS due to some drawbacks. ECS or Entity component system allows game developers to create impressive sceneries and gaming experiences. Therefore, the team rebuilt the entire game, due to which the beta release was delayed by three months. However, the game has greatly improved gameplay and visual quality with enhanced options and features. 

From now mid-range PCs will also be able to run this game. In the Alpha release, players needed a pulse scan to find asteroids and minerals, but from now pressing the ALT key will help you scan hidden minerals. In addition, players can drag, select and assign attack groups with fleets and position them instead of clicking on each ship to issue a command.


The game introduces three types of missions: Reconnaissance, Assassination, and Routing. Players can receive rewards for completing missions and challenges besides USF credits that will help players upgrade ships. In addition, players can upgrade their own level (Commander Level) by upgrading ships. It will give you access to more rewards and ship-level cap upgrades. In reconnaissance missions, from the name, you can understand that you have to search for enemy ships and send back their data to the USF command. In Assassination, you have to destroy marked locations; in Routing, you have to kill Atrox enemies.

Gameplay Updates

The acceleration speed of ships has increased; players can now move faster than before with more precise and coordinated movement. Points of interest are added across the new galaxy map. You can select and visit them. The Atrox enemies have advanced ships that will make the game more challenging. Players can directly control the Cruisers if they have a Centurion class ship. The Cruisers can be controlled when required for specific attacks. 

The ships will have a shorter range, so you cannot shoot Atrox enemies from far distances. In addition, the range for beam weapons has been reduced from 93.75km to 50km. The team is currently working on bringing additional features to the game. For a better experience, you may play the game as a team.

There are still some issues in the game that the developers do not yet resolve. For example, players may face connectivity issues or antivirus blocking the installation. In addition, some fabrication problems are also present, but the developers have assured that they are actively trying to solve the problems at the earliest.

What is Infinite Fleet?

Infinite Fleet is an MMO strategy game with a bitcoin-enabled economy. The game is built on Liquid Network – a secondary layer of bitcoin. In the game, players are commanders and take control of starships to fight against Atrox enemies. Players have to own NFT spaceships to play the game. 

The beta version of the game has been released on PC. It will also have a companion app to help players buy and sell items and use the marketplace. In addition, infinite Fleet has various gameplay features, including Ships, autofire missiles, target scanning, fleet formation, shipyard, godspeed mode, mining, and more. 

Infinite Fleet’s official in-game currency is the INF token. INF lets users purchase virtual products from other players and vendors within the Infinite Fleet game, similar to the traditional gold or currency prevalent in multiplayer online games of the past and present. On the other hand, INF is a true cryptoasset, meaning players may move it out of the game and into their own cryptocurrency wallets. Players will have genuine ownership of their hard-earned game assets this way. This novel use of a cryptoasset to an MMO gaming currency lays the stage for a future of seamless value transfer between virtual and real assets.

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