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Interview with Butterfly Galaxies NFT

Interview with Butterfly Galaxies NFT

This time around we are talking to Davis / Codes — Founder, Developer and Artist of Butterfly Galaxies.

Davis started his technical career in the Aerospace Industry as an engineer. After that, he expanded his career in the I.T. field. His familiarity in the I.T. field led to his interest in the crypto universe.

Chris: 12000 Butterflies Galaxy NFTs will unravel soon on the Metaverse. What led you to create these species as artwork for your NFT collection?

Davis: Ever since childhood, I have always been an avid science fiction fan; thus, leaving me with a vivid imagination. As an adult, I am fascinated by science-fact as well. But, I’m not the only one.  Like me, there are millions of others out there that place no holds or limitations on discovery.  That is one of the goals of this collection; to find others who don’t mind asking the same question…WHAT IF?

Chris: In the same way, what is the aim of the NFT collection? Do you also support a charitable cause through the collection?

Davis: The aim of this NFT collection is two-fold.  

First, this collection was designed to unite the creative abilities of our NFT holders in solving the mystery of the Butterfly Galaxies.  As a holder of an NFT from this collection, you may join one of six Research Teams to help discover clues to the existence and fate of the Butterfly Galaxies.  Each researcher may create and submit a theory to explain a pre-existing hypothesis.  Theories can also be determined by clues in the NFTs, so pay close attention to every little detail in your collection.  Collaboration with other researchers may be encouraged, to draw valid conclusions.

The theories will be voted on by the community or chosen by drawing and accepted as fact to help solve the mystery.  The winning theorists will be awarded.

Second, this collection will donate a portion of its proceeds to a Children’s Hospital.  Inspired by celebrities who visit and contribute to children’s hospitals, the founders of this collection have agreed that contributing to save lives, especially those of our youth, will have a major POSITIVE impact on our society.

This project also plans to support new and pre-existing humanitarian projects involving water treatment, atmospheric water generators, water purification systems, desalination devices and soil treatments.

This community will be a part of the solution. We, the founders, thank you in advance.

Chris: Subsequently, what will be the nature of the NFT? What will be the traits and characteristics setting them out to be unique?

Davis: The nature of this NFT is to bring an effective, POSITIVE change in society and have fun doing it.  

With this collection, you don’t just buy an NFT and do nothing. This is your chance to CREATE. You become an interactive part in the community, creating a storyline that has endless possibilities…And because it’s Sci-Fi, your limitations are off.

Once all the theories have been compiled, a script can be generated and submitted as a sci-fi short story or sci-fi movie short. (Details to be discussed among the community members.)

Winning theorists may have the opportunity of being listed in the credits. 

In addition, a portion of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to a charitable foundation and humanitarian project(s).

FUN WITH A PURPOSE – unique, to say the least.

Chris: Again, what will be the price of each token? Will it be possible to mint more than one NFT in a single transaction?

Davis: WHITELIST members can mint one (1) token at – 0.05 ETH

Whitelist minting is currently available to whitelist members only.  Whitelist membership is open to the first 1500 who register for approval.

PRE-SALE members can mint two (2) tokens at – 0.07 ETH

Pre-sale minting will be available once the Whitelist is filled or closed.

PUBLIC SALE members can mint five (5) tokens at – 0.09 ETH

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Public sale minting date is TBD

Chris: All NFT holders solve a mystery together that forms a storyline. What is the quest? How will the NFT characters interplay in the game?

Davis: As there can be many possible theories, because of the many different hypotheses among each Research Team, the STORYLINE can have an infinite number of outcomes. This is a story that the community builds, so you won’t know the outcome until the end.  So get those creative juices flowing.)

Imagine this…If you owned an NFT that one day was the inspiration for a character in a movie, how much could it be worth then?  Not to mention, you actually helped write the movie script or novel.

Chris: We also read about the development of a movie collection as a channel to a sequel NFT collection. What can be expected in the sequel NFT series?

Davis: The sequel will be based on the outcome of this series. However, the sequel plays a vital role to this series, as it is one of the clues to solving the mystery.  So, the saga continues.  I would like to tell you more about what can be expected in the sequel, but as the community is creating the many possible outcomes of this series, that will be a question for the community to answer.

What I can say is that there is a planned (probable five to six-figure) drawing at the completion of the sequel.  A way to say ‘thank you’ to the community for helping solve the mystery of the Butterfly Galaxies.

Chris: In the end, what will be the minting process of the NFT? Does Butterfly Galaxy operate through its own wallet?

Davis: The Butterfly Galaxies NFTs can be minted directly from the site

Once minted, you can see your collection in your wallet account on OpenSea.

Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

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