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Interview with Cardalonia Land NFT

Interview with Cardalonia Land NFT

On this joyful day, my guest is Alice Sand — one of the Co-Founders of Cardalonia Land NFT.

Chris: Cardalonia Metaverse consists of 100,000 plots of land. What and how are these lands being sold on the metaverse through the NFT?

Alice: The Cardalonia lands are actually called Terrania, owning the land plots will enable creators develop and build custom experiences on the Cardalonia Metaverse.

Terrania will be sold in two phases, a pre-sale phase for users who have an active stake of over 7000 LONIA and a public mint at a much higher price than the mint price.

Chris: So, how do you price and categorize the land NFTs? They are all in different sizes and attributes?

Alice: Yes, they are in different sizes, from Regular land plots to Estates, having an Estate would enable creators upgrade their clan hierarchy.

The Land sale will be done using a blind minting method. We will be releasing more details about that in a later blog post.

Chris: More importantly, land purchases can be made via two methods. How does one purchase process differ from the other? Which among the two, is a better method for land purchase?

Alice: Yes, the pre-sale mint for $LONIA token stakers and a public mint before secondary trading on Cardano NFT marketplaces.

Chris: Consequently, how can the investors buy the land tokens? What is the minting cost of each token?

Alice: The minting cost will be made public after the next snapshot, but I can tell you, the pre-sale mint cost will be 5 ADA or Less.

Chris: Moreover, what is renting land? What are the benefits of land renting?

Alice: Land rent is an option for users who would love to experience the Cardanolonia metaverse but they don’t have enough resources to purchase the required number of Land NFTs, they can rent a land from the treasury to hunt an gather resources that when sold, a portion goes to the treasury.

Chris: Additionally, who else is on the team? How do the members contribute to the NFT and its development?

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Alice: We have over 4 Core team members almost half a dozen development team behind the development of cardalonia.

Details about the team can be found here:

Chris: In the end, do share your plans for your future. How does the team of Cardalonia Land NFT plan to expand the scope for its investors shortly?

Alice: We are on a mission to become the Sandbox of Cardano Ecosystem where users can have an alternate personality on the Cardalonia Metaverse.

Also, don’t forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.

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