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Interview with Moon Strike NFT

Interview with Moon Strike NFT

We are joined by Max Vysochanskiy — is an internet marketing entrepreneur and founder of MoonStrike.

He sold more than 100,000 copies of his products about internet marketing, social marketing, application creation, and marketing during the last 5 years. You will find always in his products a new, unique systems with straight to a point style of information. He has been in the blockchain and game development industry for close to 6 years.

Chris: Moon Strike tokens are in characters within a game. What is your story for the creation of the NFT?

Max: We have 10+ years of video game design experience. Our team has been working on one moon game and we found that there is so much potential with more NFTs and blockchain solutions.

Chris: Moreover, there is a game associated where the tokens act as game characters. What is the P2E gameplay theme?

Max: Moon Strike is an online multiplayer game that combines features of several of the most successful genres in gaming: base-building, resource collection, community-driven economy, and competitive first-person shooter PvP action.

Developed on Unreal Engine, Moon Strike promises stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. This online, competitive multiplayer game pits players against each other in various avenues of moon gameplay: building bases, NFT-based resource trading, and working together to survive the hostile environment of the moon.

Chris: Again, what are the basic traits of the NFTs? How is each token different from the others? Do the tokens have some special powers as well?

Max: First of all, I need to mention that our NFT collection is limited to 5555 only characters which are made in 3D animation style. And that’s why even one of the trait is animation!

Secondly, NFTs have such basic traits as suit color, characters, hats, helmets, and their colors, etc.

Lastly yes, they do have special powers later on for in game usage of Moon Strike.

Chris: Interestingly, the token and the game have some successful features. What are these features and how do they benefit the investor?

Max: First, we are planning to have staking feature for NFT owners which will generate MOST token (utility token from Moon Strike).

Secondly, investors can “rent” their NFT characters to players inside of our game – similar like Axie Infinity has with their scholarship feature. In such case, NFT owners will have another passive income feature.

Chris: We also read that your team is highly experienced. Who are the team members and what do they bring to the table for Moon Strike NFT?

Max: As I mentioned already, we have 10+ years of video game design experience. Our game development collaborates with long-standing Game Design Studios and a hard-core team of graphic artists, game designers, and blockchain experts. Moon Strike is a game designed to be profitable and self-sustaining for the ground up, combined with offering players the opportunity to earn substantial rewards.

We have a fully functional prequel live on Steam and Moon Strike just got listed there! The blockchain game under development is playable in early alpha, as can be seen on our available live gameplay examples.

Chris: So what are the important dates for token release? Moreover, what are your official communication channels for the token?

Max: Great question! Our pre-mint date is 23rd of June 2022. And our public one date 28 Jun 2022. Again our collection is limited ONLY to 5,555 characters! And now, everybody can join our whitelistings. How to do that? We are covering all of that at our discord server.

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Also here are our other channels to communicate with us — website — telegram — twitter — Steam Page

Chris: Before closing, we would like to know more about the plans for Moon Strike NFTs? What do the next few months look like after the public minting of the game token?

Max: We are planning to release full beta version of Moon Strike at the end of Aug. This is when players can jump more with buying-selling NFTs with our
local marketplace too. Besides that we are planning to provide NFT staking option as soon as possible after public minting. We encourage everybody to join our whitelisting at discord channel. We still have some spots left.

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