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Interview with Tomorrow’s World NFT

Interview with Tomorrow’s World NFT

Hello NFT lovers! Today’s guest is Ben — Co-founder of TWNFT.

Chris: This is the world’s first NFT based on children’s designs. Please tell us more about the story behind the genesis of this NFT.

Ben: We conceived the idea approximately a year ago, aiming to find a way to enter the NFT space with a firm philanthropic message. Our main focus is feeding families in need internationally, utilising all facets of web3 to assist in this mission. After weeks of planning we enlisted the help of our younger family members and local community to design the attributes behind our range. Those designs were then sent over to our 3D graphics design team (Metafy Labs) who turned the drawings into the animated 3D models you’ll see in our NFTs! 

Chris: In similar lines, we would also request you to share more about the purpose of the NFT. Does it also support a cause? What will be your donation towards the cause?

Ben: The TWNFT supports a growing number of causes, charities and foundations. Aside from its personal utility for the owner, we have officially partnered with some amazing charities and initiatives. Our main partnerships are with the Human Relief Foundation (HRF) and One Tree Planted (OTP). HRF are an internationally recognised charity that focus on relieving poverty in some of the poorest nations across the world – and also locally (I have donated to them for many years). OTP are a charity who plant a tree for $1 in a vast range of countries in the world, to reverse the effects of deforestation. Upon hearing about the mission of Tomorrow’s World NFT, both these extremely well recognised entities immediately agreed to begin a professional relationship.

Aside from our two main partnerships we have joined forces with some other great people! In our current roster we have 2 football (soccer) foundations, a baseball team, a charity that is based in a low income African community, a healthy eating for kids initiative, local arts club and many, many more!

Chris: Additionally, what exactly is meant by children’s designs? How do the tokens appear? What are the key distinctive features of the token that make each one of them unique?

Ben: So within our range of 10,000 NFTs we have a vast number of attributes that make up the “rarity” value of our individual NFTs. As I mentioned previously in the interview, these drawings were sent to our 3D graphics team and fantastically transformed into realistic looking 3D models. Here are some examples that show a number of these transformed designs!

Chris: So, when do the tokens go up for public minting? How many tokens will be available for sale at the public minting? Do you also plan to have a presale?

Ben: We are operating on a 2000 maximum allocated “whitelist” presale which will allow people who have received a whitelist role on discord to mint on July 16th 2022 – one week ahead of public mint which takes place on Saturday July 23rd 2022. From the 10,000 range we will be keeping approximately 250 TWNFTs to use for promotional purposes and community giveaways!

Chris: Consequently, how does one get on the whitelist? Also, how to participate in the whitelist giveaways? How many tokens will be sold in the presale?

Ben: People can get whitelisted a number of ways – via WL giveaways on twitter, collaborations with existing NFT projects or by joining our discord server and saying “#onemillionmeals” in the general chat!

We want to make this as easy as possible for people who genuinely support the TWNFT mission. Our main focus is to create a long lasting community of thousands of people, who all want to see a change in this world. In the presale there will be a maximum of 2000 NFTs up for sale, with the remainder going public a week later!

Chris: Speaking of the price, what will be the cost of one token at the presale? How much would it cost to buy the NFT at the public minting? What amount of funds will be devoted towards gas?

Ben: Our price of 0.1 ETH per NFT for our whitelist mint has remained unchanged despite the conditions of the current market. The price of public mint will be 0.15 ETH, which has also remained unchanged from before the market dropped. We are very lucky to have brought on board a great team of developers – Blockgeni3. They have created us a ECR721A smart contract that will ensure extremely low gas prices (under $8) during mint!

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Chris: Meanwhile, do share some more information about the team behind the token. How does each member contribute to the NFT?

Ben: As displayed on the “meet the team” part of our website, you will find that we are a fully “doxxed” team – with our real photos, personal twitter accounts and LinkedIn pages available for all to see. We collectively have a vast array of experience in a range of professions – including non-profits, charity, community outreach all the way to the luxury market. Myself and Omar were also early bitcoin investors and have been in the space for over 6 years. 

Our staff team has tripled in numbers since we began the project and we have even employed some people directly from the community itself! We first welcomed Deviene Zoilo from the Philippines as our Head of Community Operations – one of TWNFT’s most important team members. Our second community member to join the team is Phil Bregy, an Ohio resident who is now our US Operations Lead, who expressed his support and interest in web3 nonprofits from day 1.

As cliche as it sounds, the TWNFT team are more like an international family who all share a similar vision to make Tomorrow’s World a better place for everyone.

Chris: In the end, what is there on the top five priorities on your roadmap. Do you also plan to release a new series soon?

Ben: Such a hard question, I don’t think it would be possible to limit it to just 5! Each part of our roadmap is equally as important as the other and all go towards the overall mission to become a well known and established charity. Our main focus is to impact the real world from our web3 foundation, growing into a huge and respected international presence that will be around for decades to come! Poverty alleviation will however always be our top priority, internationally and within our local communities. 

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