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Introducing MeetsMeta, the Social Metaverse Built on NFT Worlds

Introducing MeetsMeta, the Social Metaverse Built on NFT Worlds

MeetsMeta is the next level metaverse built on top of NFT Worlds, featuring an exclusive pass-based access metaverse where players worldwide can have access to play to earn games, digital goods, collectibles, and real estate.

MeetsMeta currently owns 5 NFT Worlds, which represent Minecraft Servers, and they’re aiming to buy 50 in the upcoming months. 

Players will need a Minecraft Javascript License to play inside NFT Worlds, including MeetsMeta, but the server itself starts off as free.

MeetsMeta Gameplay

Since the server is built on an NFT World, the gameplay is similar to that of Minecraft. Players are within a fully functional Minecraft instance and can experience all of the game’s features without having to wait for some mysterious roadmap. 

The developers built some unique neighborhoods and amusement parks to keep the players engaged, including 12 play-to-earn games such as spleef, TNT run, parkour, kart racing, and a CS:GO clone. Today, they released Pit Games, here’s a gameplay demo:

All games inside the server run continuously, and players can earn $WRLD token by participating and winning rounds. Some games reward the top players only, and some reward on a more granular level, for example depending on the kills in CS:GO. Top players in MeetsMeta are currently averaging 150-200 $WRLD per day while having fun.

The gameplay is set to become even more intriguing with more games released almost weekly, and an active internal ecosystem of builders creating structures inside the world.

MeetsMeta Tokenomics and Assets

MeetsMeta doesn’t currently have a proprietary token, and they rely on $WRLD – the token of their partner game, NFT Worlds.

$WRLD is successfully resisting the current market crash, and it’s on the rise back to the top of the chart. Currently, this token is used to distribute all incentives, and the supply is provided by the game’s developers.

In the future, $WRLD supply will be backed by staking NFT Worlds, which is partly why they want to acquire 50, and by joining the NFT Worlds rewards faucet after purchasing a large amount of $WRLDs.

In terms of NFT assets, MeetsMeta already released their 4,888 “Passports”, which are divided into: 

  • Basic (supply 1955): access to the server, custom avatar airdrop;
  • Normal (supply 1222): access to the server and a car;
  • Rare (supply 977): access to the server, a car, and an apartment;
  • Epic (supply 488): access to the server, a private jet, an exclusive apartment, and whitelist for the next project;
  • Exclusive (supply 246): access to the server, a private jet, a private villa, and airdrop for the next project.

Passports grant you priority access to the server, meaning that if the server is full free players will be kicked out to let you join, and have exclusive perks inside the world.

The biggest perk right now is the ability to earn 3x as much in P2E games, which makes the earning aspect easier and faster to appreciate. 

Passports currently start from 0.111ETH if the wallet is whitelisted, and you can get the whitelist by participating and being active in the Discord community. 

The NFTs will become more expensive in the future, and the team already built an internal scholarship program, similar to Aavegotchi’s idea but with more perks. NFT holders will be able to lend their Passports to players with certain criteria through an analytic platform.

By analyzing the stats of players that want a passport, the asset owner can fully optimize their lending. For example, they might decide to rent it out to someone playing 10 hours per day, or averaging 50 kills per week on CS:GO, rather than someone starting out or inactive in the games.

MeetsMeta is aware they will need burning mechanics to lead the way and become sustainable. They will introduce NFT assets including cars (that need fuel to run), villas (it will require $WRLD to customize them), cities, pets, and so much more. The economy will be run similar to that of a real-world country. Their future NFTs will likely run on the Polygon side-chain.

Pre-Scholarship Event

The team is currently running a pre-scholarship event with a total prize of 1,000,000 $WRLD. Players can test out the platform by renting out their assets to newcomers, and newcomers can enjoy the 3x earnings and priority access. 

The event began 7 days ago. The event will last for 12 hours and will commence once again 12 hours later for the next 7 days, for a total duration of two weeks.

Top 5 – 1000 $WRLD Per Day

Top 10 – 750 $WRLD Per Day

Top 25 – 300 $WRLD Per Day

Top 50  – 100 $WRLD Per Day

MeetsMeta Roadmap

MeetsMeta is moving at a breathtaking speed, and they’re meeting their roadmap goals. In the upcoming months, they aim to release the iOS Meets app and continue developing their world.

In particular, they will add digital cars, launch a residential area where players can mint their villas (if they have them through a passport), cosmetic NFTs such as hats or clothes, and they will release collaborations with celebrities. 

With their team being in Dubai, the hub of web3 projects together with Singapore, the latter should be a breeze and provide great backing to the project. 

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The developers and team leaders are fully doxxed, and they even showed their faces and workflows in a recent YouTube video: 


MeetsMeta is an interesting, new project built on top of NFT Worlds. Although very ambitious by nature and currently supported by individuals, the game is set for a bright future ahead, and the community is incredibly active.

With events running all day long, real, playable experiences like pit games, lava runs, and an internal system to rent out and profit 50/50 from passports, MeetsMeta is building one of the biggest and most sustainable NFT Worlds out there. 

Everyone interested in Minecraft, or who already owns a license, can jump into this Metaverse for hours of fun and to test out the water. Future information will be shared on their Twitter and we will certainly keep following their updates to keep our readers posted!

Giorgio is a Digital Marketer, Tech Enthusiast. Mostly work with SaaS companies. Involved in crypto-gaming and blockchain. He also loves dogs!

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