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italist Return Policy —Everything to know about why don’t have free returns

italist Return Policy —Everything to know about why don’t have free returns

What’s the italist return policy and how are italist returns better than shopping and returning in person?

italist brings the Italian luxury boutique shopping experience online. Instead of going to Italy to find the best prices on luxury goods, we make them available online, from anywhere in the world. 

With our mobile app, you can truly shop from anywhere. Plus, every order ships express and for free, so you can enjoy your purchases in no time.

Why italist prices are the best

italist works with the best retail partners and brands in Italy and we sell at the Italian price, which is 40% lower on average than the rest of the world. It’s why our prices are cheaper than other sites you’ll find online.

See below for details.

What’s more, the value-added tax (VAT) refund that you would claim and receive back after shopping in person in Italy and then departing the European Union (EU) is included in our pricing model already, since all the goods we sell leave Italy destined for another country.

We export these goods from Italy to the rest of the world, and when they are returned, they go back to Italy. We don’t have any warehouses or distribution centers in any other countries.

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How italist returns work

So what’s the italist return policy?

Our customer care team works closely with the customer and DHL to ensure a smooth returns process from your front door, and we make every effort to tell you ahead of time what your refund will be. 

Because we are handling luxury goods, all italist returns must go back to Italy using DHL. We have negotiated the lowest-possible rate for express international returns.

Additionally, when items must pass back through Italian customs, they incur an additional fee. We have no control over this policy, it is simply the law in Italy regarding imports and exports.

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Once an item clears the return customs process, it is then returned to the boutique from which it came, and once it is verified to be in the same condition it was initially shipped, your refund will be issued.

Why is my refund less than my purchase amount?

All returns go back to Italy, and thus incur shipping costs, return customs fees, and/or courier charges. These depend on the type and value of the item, so there is no standard cost for returns.

The full cost of the return is shown during the return process up-front, so that you know how much you will pay for italist returns.

italist returns

Remember, when you take into consideration the overall savings of buying from Italy rather than locally, return fees are minimal. 

If you compare the cost of the italist return policy to the cost of returning in person (going back to Italy), our return fees are extremely reasonable. Imagine that in order to get Italy’s great pricing in the first place, you must go to Italy in person.

Then, if you decide to return an item, you must present it in person again, whether you are still in the country or not. That requires additional flights, baggage fees, lodging, etc.

The easiest way to shop the streets of Italy from the comfort of your home is on italist.

For more information, read our official terms and conditions.

Returns are never really “free”

Returning an item purchased online always incurs logistics and shipping costs. Returns are never really free, as the costs may be passed on in a different way.

Amanda Mull at The Atlantic has written extensively about the end of free returns and how online returns have created an environmental disaster.

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International returns cost more than domestic returns as they pass through a greater number of hands and regulatory hoops.

The majority of online retailers either build the return costs into the item in the first place, or allocate the costs elsewhere to pay for returns, like requiring a certain minimum threshold for free shipping.

We believe this to be unfair since not every person will return an item and therefore should not have to pay those costs.

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This is why we are transparent with the return fees, and pass those costs to our customers to ensure our items are listed at the best possible price. It’s why the italist return policy is different than other retailers.

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How to be a savvy italist shopper

First and foremost, it’s best to know your sizing in your favorite brands. This cuts down on most instances where a return is needed. 

We have a few resources for finding your correct size, including a shoe size conversion article.

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Second, if possible, it’s best to know which style(s) you like by viewing them in person at a luxury boutique or department store in your local area first.

We understand that not everyone has this option, but if you do, it’s advisable to do some research ahead of time if you’d like to avoid uncertainty.

We got your back

We hope this article has helped better explain the italist return policy and what to expect for italist returns.

Keep in mind that we cover 100% of the return fee—so it’s of no cost to you—if the product you receive in your order is incorrect, inaccurately described, or defective.

In that case, please follow the instructions provided to you by the customer care team: (1) do not remove the italist tag or designer tag, (2) contact customer care and follow their instructions.

We want you to be satisfied with your italist purchase. If you aren’t, we’re happy to assist you in processing your return.

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