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Limited-time Band of the Wolf set for Gods Unchained launching in March

Limited-time Band of the Wolf set for Gods Unchained launching in March

Gods Unchained, the award-winning NFT card game, announced the release of a new card set last week. The Band of Wolf card set will feature 38 new cards and will be available for purchase on March 30. What do we know about the newest addition to the Gods Unchained universe?

Gods Unchained looks to build on its success with the Band of the Wolf card set release
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What is the Band of Wolf card set?

The Band of Wolf card set is split between 4 different price points. The least expensive pack sells for $2 and includes a 2-card “Crafting Pack”. The most expensive pack sells for $210 and contains 5 cards, including 3 guaranteed Epic or Legendary cards. This card set will also introduce a new “Crafting” mechanic that players can use to upgrade their cards’ power levels.

There will be 223,500 card sets available to purchase and the team will reserve an additional 125,100 sets for promotional giveaways. Buyers will have 4 weeks to purchase the cards before the sale ends on April 27.  The project will keep any unsold packs for future giveaways.

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a turn-based, free-to-play game hosted on the gas-free Immutable X layer 2 blockchain. Players battle opponents using a variety of cards with different strengths and abilities. The goal is to reduce your opponent’s health to zero before your own health runs out.

Gods Unchained has some seriously eye-popping stats
The Gods Unchained collection has some serious stats
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Players compete to earn $GODS, the game’s governance token. They can use $GODS to vote on game changes, purchase new card packs, stake for additional rewards, or simply sell the token via Coinbase or other exchanges.

Since its creation in 2018, the game has registered more than 500k users. It is one of the biggest NFT collections with more than 33m unique assets and has over $150m in lifetime volume.

With the introduction of the Band of the Wolf card set, Gods Unchained will continue to grow its industry-leading brand into the foreseeable future.




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