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Max Vallot Meditates On The Merrell Moab

Max Vallot Meditates On The Merrell Moab

It’s no question that self-care has come into fashion within the past few years. But beyond the facial tools and expensive serums, a more meaningful movement has taken form – shifting from wanting to look better to wanting to feel better.

And what’s a more wholesome way to feel better than to spend time in nature?

Demonstrating this new wave of wellness, Merrell taps mindful fitness practitioner and District Vision founder Max Vallot to highlight the Merrell Moab, a hiking shoe that encourages you to experience the outdoors with tech-driven comfort and undeniable style.


“Hiking is one of the most easy and accessible ways to rediscover the natural world,” Vallot shares. Being an expert in his own craft, Vallot could probably make just about any activity a meditative experience, but he admits that hiking allows a heightened conscious reward. “I might sit down to smell the air and really be present for what’s going on around me. Nature has this intrinsically grounding affect to bring you into the here and now.”


Thanks to Merrell, we got a sneak peek into a day in Vallot’s life as he prepares for a hike around California’s Topanga Canyon. Lending his thoughts on how quality active gear can enhance outdoor experience, and ultimately, one’s state of being, Vallot slips on his Moab’s to demonstrate mindfulness from his morning tea to his post-hike reflection.


On a technical level, the Merrell Moab truly sets itself apart from other hiking shoes with its out-of-the-box comfort and ventilation. Lightweight foam midsoles, Vibram® TC5+ outsole technology, and a Kinetic Fit™ ADVANCED removable contoured footbed are just a few of the hi-tech features that gives you a boost of confidence when you hit the trails.

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In his own words, Vallot weighs in on the Moab noting, “The Merrell Moab really feels like a supportive, ultra hiking shoe. To me, this style is synonymous with West Coast hiking culture and I’ve always loved this silhouette. Every step can be a part of a moving meditation.”

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