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MetalCore Infantry Mint Sells Out

MetalCore Infantry Mint Sells Out

MetalCore, a Planetside-type game in development, launched their first NFT sale. This sale was for Infantry NFTs, and actually, ended up being completely free! And with only 1000 of the 10k NFTs available for public minting, the competition for whitelist spots was fierce! When the dust settled, all 10,000 Infantry NFTs had been minted and revealed.

Heavy Infantry unit

Just a couple of days after I wrote my first article about the MetalCore Infantry mint, the team decided to move their mint from the Polygon blockchain to the main Ethereum network. And so, in acknowledgement of the increased gas fees, the team also decided to make the mint free, letting each whitelisted wallet mint a single Infantry NFT! The public sale was a free for all, but still limited to one mint per wallet.

With plenty of market action both during the sale and afterwards, the team likely made enough in secondary market fees to make up for lost income from the initial minting. It’s also great publicity for their game, which already seems to have a strong fanbase. The public mint NFTs were available for only a few moments before they sold out.

And though the game will feature vehicle and mech combat, when it comes down to capturing or holding a base, the Infantry will be the ones inside, fighting room to room and watching the corners!

MetalCore Infantry NFTs

Since the mint, the Infantry have revealed themselves, with varying class types, rarities, and faction alignments. Prices on the secondary markets ranged as low as 0.02 ETH. But since the reveal, the floor price seems to have stabilized at around 0.05 ETH. There are 10K Infantry NFTs in all. Of those, 567 are Legendary, 1838 Epic, 3318 Rare, and the remaining 4279 uncommon. They come in eight different roles, Light Infantry, Medic, Heavy Infantry, Pilot, Sniper, Engineer, Scout, and Super Heavy Infantry.

Each unit also has an associated Faction, determining which side they can fight for. Metalcore Infantry still have two unrevealed traits, Loadout and Utility. These traits are expected to be revealed later this year and offer an additional level of uniqueness for each unit. Infantry holders receive the list of usual perks associated with founder or Genesis NFTs — early alpha entry, access to holder only Discord channels, and the potential for future airdrops and whitelist opportunities. This last bit may be the most important in the short term, as we expect to see additional sales for vehicles, aircraft, and mechs in the coming months.

Legendary MetalCore Infantry

With a roadmap that includes a rental system, crafting, faction wars, and land ownership, MetalCore has set lofty goals for themselves. If they can get massive, 100 player battles that run smoothly and are fun to play, then they already have a winning combination. All the rest will be icing on the cake!

The initial alpha for MetalCore is expected to arrive in September of 2022. At first, players will have open access to all units, mechs, and vehicles. In a later update players will actually use their NFTs in game.

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