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Mint your own Tezos collection on | by Rarible

Mint your own Tezos collection on | by Rarible

Since we launched Tezos at the end of 2021, many awesome creators minted their art as part of the Rarible collection. We enjoyed seeing artists embrace #cleanNFTs and low minting fees on Tezos.

We follow through on our New Year’s resolutions, so we’re continuing our Tezos integration:

Last week, we integrated additional Tezos collections — meaning you can now list and trade Tezzards, HEN, and objkt items on Rarible.

This week, we shipped custom collections. Collections are like a folder. If you mint on the big Rarible collection, your work is in the same place as many others. That’s awesome because it saves you fees and lets you start quickly.

But with your own collection, your fans can access your (and only your) NFTs at the click of a button. That makes buying, selling and collecting easier and more fun.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? We hate to say it, but there’s a (small) catch:

At current prices, minting an NFT on Tezos costs around $0.20. Creating your own collection costs you roughly 3ꜩ once (about $8 at today’s XTZ price). After that, adding NFTs to your collection is back to roughly $0.20.

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  1. Log into your Tezos wallet on, click “Create” in the top right corner and select Tezos.
  2. Scroll down and click “Create — TEZOS-MT”.
  3. Fill in all the information. The “Symbol” field is like an abbreviation for your collection, but won’t show up anywhere for your buyers. Feel free to copy your collection name or use a few letters from it (the maximum is 10 characters).
  4. Hit “Create Collection” to deploy your very own smart contract.

After you confirm the transaction in your wallet, your smart contract will be live in 5–10 minutes. After that, you’ve got your very own Tezos collection that makes it easy for your fans to find and collect your work.

Can’t wait to get started? Head to now and create your own Tezos collection!

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