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MoonDAO x Chainlink Launch An NFT To Send Someone To Space

MoonDAO x Chainlink Launch An NFT To Send Someone To Space

The NFT ecosystem is about to get even bigger as MoonDAO sends two random NFT ticket holders to space. Now, the DAO is teaming up with Chainlink to implement their Verifiable Random Function (VRF). This system will select the winning NFT Tickets to travel into space via a public draw. Significantly, incorporating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network provides access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness.

MoonDAO is sending two random NFT holders on a trip to space on Blue Origin.

Two lucky MoonDAO NFT ticket winners will travel to space!

MoonDAO is an international group of people with a special mission. Space travel has always been limited to the public. In fact, many factors go into the decision-making of selecting astronauts—most of the time, government agencies, such as NASA, select space travellers. Basically, MoonDAO wants to decentralize access to space whilst helping with research and exploration.

Furthermore, the DAO raised over $8 million in crowdfunding to purchase space travel tickets. Now, they are creating a grant program to explore the funding for public goods off the planet. 

About Blue Origin

MoonDAO has purchased two tickets on the incredible Blue Origin rocket to fly into space. Blue Origin is an American aerospace manufacturer and spaceflight service company. Founded by Amazon creator Jeff Bezos in 2000, it also has big plans for the commercialization of space travel.

“Chainlink VRF played a key role in helping select a random NFT Ticket to Space holder to win a seat aboard the Blue Origin rocket”, said Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz, leader of MoonDAO.

Finally, this is possible through the Chainlink technology, making it a fair draw. Now, two lucky NFT ticket winners will need to start planning for the experience in space, thanks to MoonDAO.


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